Pain for 10 years until I met Santosha

Over the past 10 years I attended numerous courses, therapies and healing sessions, but nothing worked effectively. I suffered with immense pain along with tremendous sorrow and guilt. That was until I came across Santosha. The therapies with Santosha are incredibly deep and effective and move me forward towards dissolving the pain and guilt very fast. Santosha can resolve the emotion code and body code in a matter of seconds and can very quickly get to the very essence of the problem or block, often times it relies in the past lives. I am extremely glad that I met her on my path. She has helped me a lot and I really thank her from the bottom of my heart!!

Ondrej, Slovakia

I know my niche as an energy healer now

I am new to energy healing and just completed my Emotion Code certification. Due to the pandemic I decided that working online was the better option, but I didn’t know how to get clients. Carmen (Santosha) has been amazing! She not only is very skilled at energy healing and has surprised me numerous times, but she is so great at helping me find my true purpose. I now know how to get clients and am building my online business. Highly recommend.


Larissa, from Oregon
Emotion Code Practitioner

My wife recommended Santosha to me

I was recommended Santosha by my wife who in my opinion has had a remarkable breakthrough in her life since working with her, and I am thrilled that I found her. Santosha is warm and very welcoming she has a great energy and really stepped up for me during a very difficult period in my life. This experience was a new venture for me but I am truly amazed and surprised by how it made me feel. If you are not sure about this because you don’t have any experience/exposure in this field trust me DO IT it will change your life. I look forward to continuing using her services in the future

Jen Ryan

Healing and Love

With Carmyn, I have been healed from the inside out. She has allowed me to grow exponentially with my self love, my relationship, and my past trauma. She has created a safe and comfortable space for me to open up about what I want to heal, and has given me nothing but support and kindness through my healing. There is no one more qualified for helping people in this way than her.

Grace, New York
Age 18

Fast track to your Future Self

Carmen has helped me so much through her sessions. She has cut cords, reunited me with my star family, shifted a curse from a past life, and has peeled away the layers of emotion that have been holding me back from the life I desire. I am now standing in my own power and have the confidence to start my own healing business! (Sarah is now running Yoga classes online and is expanding quickly!)

Sarah Britain
Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Healer

Healing Family

I initially saw Carmen to help increase my abundance (I won $5,000!) and then we continued healing my family generations too! I received deep inner healing freeing up my spirit to letting love in, releasing pain and opening my eyes to all the energy around me. She has cleared from my son and daughter as well. I recommend her to everyone! Thank the Universe I stumbled across her. Divine intervention and healing 🌟

Hypnotherapist, New York

Subconscious Release

I have had the most amazing energy healing sessions with Carmen that empowered me to push myself to where I have dreamed of being for several years. She is able to go deep into the subconscious to release what no longer serves your soul. I am so looking forward for more expansion and possibilities with my life. I am so ready for more growth in my life. Carmen has extraordinary gifts I’ve never seen and is an amazing healer. Namaste.

Julie Laughlin, Massachusetts
Body Code Practitioner

Wonderful to work with!

Carmen Santosha was wonderful to work with! I’m so appreciative of her expertise. She went above and beyond using Emotion Code, making sure to release the trapped emotions that needed to be.

Laura Becker, Florida

Now, I am enough

Thank you so much!  I’ve never tried healing with Emotion Code before. I felt so desperate for relief. I struggled with a negative inner self talk for so long no matter how ‘positive’ I tried to be. After our first session, this morning, for the first time ever, instead of asking ‘am I enough’ I am actually hearing ‘I am enough’, ‘I am enough’.

I am so interested now to learn about how this was in me from 26 lifetimes ago. I know very very little about my ancestors but at the end you said that there were so many of my ancestors with you.

For some time, I have felt like I am just incapable of happiness. For as long as I can remember has been this deep dark rage in me that sometimes sleeps and sometimes is woke. All of this now I want to know if you are able to help me with this too.

Thank you so much❤️

Liza Butorac, California
Licensed vocational nurse

I recommend her 100%

Carmen SantoshaJi is a beautiful soul to work with. As a healer, I know that she removed energetic blocks with Emotion Code, ones I couldn’t find myself. Her healing goes deep. I can say that Carmen is magnificent, she is really awesome. I recommend her 100% . I’ll definitely work with her again. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Carmen
Love and Light

Paola, Mexico City
Body Code Practitioner

Santosha has such an amazing

Santosha has such an amazing gift. I’m very grateful that she was able to help me clear my root chakra. She knew and was able to confirm so much about my past lives and helped me heal from past traumas. Thank you Santosha, for your aid in helping me find parts of my self again!

Rachael leonard, New York City

Life Changing Spiritual Intuitive Course!

“I was at a crossroads in life and divine guidance led me to this course. All the mystical subjects I’ve always had interest in were covered with practical instructions for real life use. The pieces of the mystical puzzle all connected in this course! I’m so excited to continue this journey. Santosha has been a mentor and teacher who truly lives these principles and applies them in her life and in the course. The real deal!”

Carey | Missouri, USA

“The Universe Guided Me to Your Course”

“I have such deep gratitude for you SantoshaJi, from my heart to yours. The universe guided me to your course just when I was ready to truly start healing myself.

People from all levels of spiritual growth and all lifestyles can benefit from this course. It’s all about being willing and ready to make positive changes to your life. If you truly dedicate yourself to positive healing, you will start to see results almost immediately. All it takes is maybe an hour per day for three weeks, and you will kickstart a lifetime of positivity and personal growth. Even if you think “I already know these things,” this course offers a variety of practices, resources, advice, and open communication to allow everyone to benefit from each lesson.

Thank you again for allowing me to receive your guidance. I have noticed so many positive changes in my life already, including better sleep habits, more patience, increased motivation and confidence to pursue my goals, and radiating joy in place of my old stress and anxiety.”

Brandy | Tennesse, USA

No Longer a Victim of Circumstances

“Carmen was instrumental in concreting for me the themes in my life. Her process helped me identify those areas in my life that I wish to focus on. They also clarified those which were holding me back. So from now on, I will not live a life based on being a victim of circumstances. I choose to create a fun life filled with writing, photography and travel, and share that with my children.”

Katische Haberfield
Business Owner | Aromatherapy

Clarity Inspired and Energised Me!

“Thank you Carmen! Our recent session really helped me get clear on what I’m doing in my business, what to focus on and how to play to my strengths. The clarity I gained from your insights has inspired and energised me. I’ve accomplished more in the last few days than I have in the past three weeks. Awesome!”

B. Conrad Williams
Business Owner | Easy Teams

Build an Energy Shield

Santhosha Ji has a refreshing way of guiding you into this Knowledge. I’m so glad to come across a teacher so dedicated towards traveling inwards and helping others to do the same. She definitely gives you the strong base needed to work on yourself and also to help others.

Learning to build an Energy Shield and Increasing Your Vibes is a life long journey now. You will learn to unravel dimensions of healing. This is a blessing to channelize positive energy for me, and build more awareness of self.

Sindu Sai, India

Feel the Groove of Energy Flowing

“Santosha helped me to reconnect to my Self, and feel the groove of Energy flowing through me.
Her knowledge and practice will soon have you engaged in a Divine Path. Do the work! Because you won’t want to miss out on the acceleration into the Mystics. I encourage you to follow her light while you learn how to project your own. She’s a gifted teacher.”

Pam, 52 year old American in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Will Help Anyone Who has Dealt with Negative Self-Talk

“WOW!! Talk about an outstanding course!! I didn’t know there were so many different forms of positivity. I am generally a positive person and taking this course has given me more ways to activate the different forms I wasn’t aware of. As a business owner and leader, there are various aspects I will even share with my team. This course will help anyone who has dealt with negative self-talk and even negative people in their circle!! An OUTSTANDING course for anyone who wants to learn about authentically being positive and the affect it can have your life to include personal relationship, health and even your job. Don’t hesitate to take this course!! It can literally change your LIFE.”

Taffy Wagner, USA
Personal Finances Educator, Author and Homeschool Mom

“Increased Positive Emotions”

“Carmen has been great in helping me after I was diagnosed with cancer. Working with her has helped me increase positive emotions and move forward. I recommend Carmen to anyone who needs support.”

Carol, United Kingdom

Shift of Old Patterns

“As soon as I had my first session with Carmen I immediately felt a shift of old negative patterns, this created a sense of balance and peacefulness within myself.”

Melanie, Queensland, Australia