“How long will you be leaving the Sunshine Coast for?”, people keep ask. It’s been my home for 16+ years. The beaches are absolutely stunning and there are plenty of nature spots such as the Buderim Waterfalls, Kondalilla National Park and Gardner’s Falls.

My friend, Jan, shares over dinner the other night that she’s going to Gladstone at the end of the month and I tell her “I’m going North-er”. What the bleep is going Norther-ER?! Lol.

Have you ever had those moments when words come out of your mouth all wrong. Not in proper English? I find those moments absolutely hilarious!

It’s true though. I’m heading further North than Gladstone. This will be my first time travelling to the North – East Australia.

Last night my dear friend Susan was helping me plan my journey, which was a very helpful activity. She drew a map of the East Coast and then wrote down all the places I got excited about while googling. There are tonnes of amazing sights and National Parks. AND, I discovered some great Aboriginal Cultural Centres along the way too. I’m surprised I slept at all last night.

Jessie (the thoroughbred) van, decorated with the local community’s handprints, is ready to roll. (See the empty white centre bit? It’s saved for Wiruungga’s handprint – he’s in the dessert at the moment).

This old van came full of rust from head to toe. It took me a few weeks to learn about rust and do all the necessary steps so the van won’t fall apart on the journey. I was taught by a very kind retired gentleman how to grind back the metal, do the rust conversion, bog with tar and black silicon and finally lay the flooring back down again. Next, I painted it with fish oil (to prevent rust) underneath, and then did a quick cheap paint of the overall van with a rust prevention white paint. Ugh! What a job!

The van really needs a Roo bullbar at the front. I’ve heard stories of how hitting a kangaroo can totally demolish the radiator – although in the Hiace I think it would crush the whole engine. There were no bullbar suitable at the wreckers. There are 4 animal repellent whistles on the van that emit a high pitched noise when driving over 50km/h which will help deter any animals. I hope.

I’m not YET confident to have a roadside meal!! Not sure I could ever anyways. 🙁

Although sometimes people do strange things in the bush!

And YES, I have 60+ litres of water, extra oil, spare timing belt (I think that’s what it is), fire extinguisher, two spare tyres, matches and torches. BUT, it would be great to have a CB radio, spotlights fitted, and an awning.

Maybe I’ll find them on the journey! (Says my highly optimistic mind).

When you set your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS on magnetising something into your reality it happens.

I’ve done it.

It feels like a miracle occurs. But isn’t that what life is? A miracle.