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Join a NEVER SEEN BEFORE ONLINE COMMUNITY where dedicated individuals gather to embark on a transformative INNER JOURNEY of healing themselves and raising their energy vibration. Through this online space, members unlock the keys to healing their lives, delving into the profound realms of energy healing, chakra balancing, inner child work, mindset shifts and accessing wisdom of their higher selves. This community gifts all the knowledge to empower its members to heal their hearts, get unstuck from toxic patterns, release past life karma, and break free from intergenerational trauma.  AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE!

Joining this online community will empower you with the practices, knowledge and support to heal yourself and raise your energy vibration – Healing the Planet from Within. With Santosha


Transform your life and healing skills with my powerful integrated healing program. Unlike many watered-down healing courses that barely scratch the surface, our program provides a holistic approach that delves deep into the world of energy. This is a ONE YEAR training program where you’ll meet other dedicated energy healers online! With the comprehensive knowledge in this program you’ll never need to hire another energy healer again! 

There are two ways to gain access to this program…. ask me!  With Santosha


Start your Reiki Level 1 and 2 Training today and unlock the power of this ancient healing art. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and wellness as you learn to channel universal life force energy. Take the first step towards a more balanced, harmonious and spiritually-enriched life by beginning your Reiki practice today! 

Online Training with all information provided including videos, worksheets, exam and certificate.

With Santosha

POWERFUL Reiki MASTER Certification

Reiki Master Teacher Training is a certification journey that unlocks your true healing potential. This program is designed for individuals who are personally and spiritually ready to deepen their energy healing practice. Becoming a Reiki Master can be an excellent way to boost your business and share the gift of holistic wellness with your community.


Personalised training as a Reiki Master can be a truly transformative experience. As a Reiki Master, you’ll have the opportunity to deeply connect with the universal life force energy. With Santosha

ELEVATE YOUR ENERGY: Vibrational tune-up workshop

Get ready to elevate your energy and experience a vibrational tune-up like never before at our exciting workshop! Designed to help participants tap into their inner power and unleash their highest potential, this transformative event is a must for anyone seeking a positive shift in their life. During the workshop, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn powerful techniques to raise your vibrational frequency. These workshops are exclusively held in-person, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the transformative energy.

3-4 hours in-person workshop for 10-20 participants.

With Santosha


This 3 month program is for serious Seekers only. Those who crave to delve deeply into their own mindset, learn how to heal themselves and others, raise their energy vibration, talk to their spirit guides, align with Source Energy, and work in the energetic realm are welcome to apply. Not everyone is ready for this DEEP SPIRITUAL SHAMANIC TRAINING, you will need to have a certain type of MINDSET and be actively involved in your own practices of Personal Development and Spiritual Development.

3 month program with Santosha


Are you struggling to get clients online? Are you confused with the online platform? In this 3-month program you’ll learn powerful business online success strategies (BOSS) that is a real game changer for your energy healing business. I only work with ENERGY HEALERS for this program. Please click the link to LEARN MORE.


3-month program with private sessions and learning resources.
With Santosha

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