Training and Certification

Mysteries of a Modern Mystic Training and Certification

This 3 month program is for serious Seekers only. Those who crave to delve deeply into their own mindset, learn how to heal themselves and others, raise their energy vibration, talk to their spirit guides, align with Source Energy, and work in the energetic realm are welcome to apply. Not everyone is ready for this DEEP SPIRITUAL SHAMANIC TRAINING, you will need to have a certain type of MINDSET and be actively involved in your own practices of Personal Development and Spiritual Development.

3 month program with Santosha

Reiki Training and Certification

Reiki is a powerful hands on healing method that was founded by Usui Sensei in Japan. It is a method for achieving spiritual perfection. Reiki has become well known in the Western world for its health benefits too. Choose to LEARN REIKI 1, 2 OR BECOME A REIKI MASTER TEACHER. (If you are ready to become a Reiki Master please inquire as I don’t take everyone for this qualification.

Reiki is good for you if you want to: reduce anxiety, reduce stress and worries, increase feelings of peace and serenity, empower yourself on a spiritual journey, increase meditation, and help the body to heal any ailment.

Online Training with all information provided including videos, worksheets, and exam and certificate.

With Santosha

How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides

This is a short, fun program where you’ll learn the foundational tools and techniques so you can be confident with TALKING TO YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES.

Talking to Spirits requires a certain amount of knowledge of your Thought and Emotional Patterns, as well as to be able to do properly Psychic Shielding. Not everyone is ready to step into this course, as it requires a certain type of mindset. Please enquire to see if you are ready.



In this program we will have 4 sessions together on Zoom, and you’ll receive entry to my online course with videos, worksheets and homework. An exam/test is given at the end.
With Santosha


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