Travelling from Katherine to Kununurra is an easy six hour drive on bitumen road, and the first place I saw Boab trees! It’s a really pretty drive with some amazing sights along the way.

on the road from kathering to kununnunara

The first stop you’ll want to check out is the Victoria River Roadhouse Caravan Park. It’s only a couple hours in and because I started the day early I decided to continue onto the next place Timber Creek.

In Timber Creek there is two campgrounds – one is more expensive than the other. I nearly stayed at the one but decided to continue onto – just to have a look at first – the Big Horse National Park Camp which is only 10 minutes back Timber Creek going towards Kununurra.

Before I did though I grabbed a spinach and fetta pastry from the little shop next to the caravan park (which is in between two petrol stations) and boy, oh boy it was the BEST I’ve ever tasted!

Onto Big Horse Camp and I ran into a friend I had met a couple of days before so I found a place to park next to her and found it to be a very pleasant camping spot. Here were the first boab trees I really got a chance to look at – and even tasted the inside of the seed (which is edible).

boab big horse

Big Horse Camp fills up very quickly – at 1pm there were only 2 small spots available and all the big campers had to keep moving on. Makes sense why this fills up so quickly as it’s only $3.30 per person per night.

The next stop for me was ZEBRA ROCK MINE CAMPGROUND. Many travellers were talking about this place “Zebra Rock” they said was a great place – and even has great reviews on WikiCamps. At only $10/night with free tea and coffee it certainly is a very special place – and even worth a blog of its on!

After Zebra Rock it’s only a 50 minute drive to Kununurra. When you cross the Western Australia border they will check your vehicle and confiscate anything that has seeds, is plant material (even the wooden handle from my window cleaner) and is fruit and vegetables.

It’s an easy road from Katherine to Kununurra and certainly worth the quick trip to say you’ve been to WA!