Most people are unaware of the distinction between working psychically and working as a medium. Often times the two practices blend nicely together, but it’s important to notice the difference so that you’re more attuned to what’s happening in the energies.

Mediumship vs Psychic Powers

We communicate with our Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and other Unseen Helpers when we work as a medium. When we work as a psychic energy healer, we are tuning into the other person’s energies.

People keep a lot of things in their energetic field: emotions, thought patterns, history, past and present trauma, what they are feeling right now, and what is sabotaging them. A psychic healer can see and feel into their energy field to find the threads that lead to the SOURCE of the client’s problems.

During energy healing sessions with clients, I spend 90% of my time psychically feeling into their energies. I make contact with their energies in order to tune into what they are carrying. I occasionally receive messages from my Healing Team, as well as from their ancestors and other beings who surround them.

It is easier to perform healing because I can feel their feelings, emotions, and even past trauma; because I can see what they need right now. To accomplish this, we first set an intention for healing, and then the energies associated with that intention are revealed.

It’s interesting because when I connect with a client, I often get a sense of how their week went, if anything significant happened that day, and if a sabotaging pattern is about to emerge. I can even travel back in time to their childhood and delve into their past. Then, if necessary, takes me into their family histories and/or past lives.

To summarise, when we work as a medium, we make contact with and communicate with non-physical beings. We feel into the energies when we work as psychics.

Regular energy cleansing and psychic shielding are essential when working as a medium or psychically. As energy healers must be on the lookout for negative energies, as well as mischievous and malevolent non-physical beings.


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