In the below video, Shiva Kannadi Swami talks about Jeeva Samadhi and the Samadhi state that can be experienced through a Kundalini awakening. I had the great pleasure of asking a Mystic of India directly what Samadhi is and found out that there are different types of Samadhi that a person can experience. SwamiJi mentions two of these in the video (below).

Samadhi is a blissful state in which a person is unaware of his or her own thoughts or senses. There are various varieties of Samadhi that an individual might experience.

In Jeeva Samadhi, a unique location, such as a pit or a cave, is initially prepared through cleansing, chanting, and pooja. The individual entering Jeeva Samadhi is aware of the date and time when it will occur. When the time is right, they will go to the location and disengage from all of their senses, emotions, and ordinary thoughts. Some perform this action while sitting. They emanate higher energy from their bodies, which benefits others. Some individuals can remain in Jeeva Samadhi for centuries.

When Kundalini awakening happen an electrically energising current rises and clears any deep blockages. This leads in a higher level of energy flow, which when it rises disconnects the mind and senses and induces Samadhi. After years of spiritual activities such as chanting, pranayama, meditation, and asanas, this can occur unexpectedly.