Everyone has a Personal Template that dictates the way they live their life. You see, when you were a child you were given rules for living in the form of thought patterns, behaviour patterns, core beliefs, attitudes, feelings and emotions from the people around you. When a situation pops up into your life you react automatically from the rules in the Personal Template.

No one has the same Personal Template, so everyone reacts differently to different situations. They react different with a unique combination of thoughts patterns, behaviour patterns, beliefs, attitudes, feelings and emotions.

If you’re feeling stuck in a negative pattern you can look at your Personal Template and see what is causing the pattern, then make changes to it.

Everyone goes through ups and downs in their lives.

But sometimes, there comes a phase when you might feel lost, unable to come back to positivity due to the anxiety and stress overshadowing your thoughts all day every day.

That is when you need help….

That is when you need the Mysteries of a Modern Mystic, an online course that will guide you through a journey of personal, emotional and spiritual evolution so that you can become truly enlightened!

This course will teach you everything from practices that will help you realise your negative thoughts

With knowledge gathered over 20 years of experience in helping people understand how their thoughts affect their feelings, actions and experiences, this course will teach you everything from meditation for anxiety relief to realise the negative thought patterns and activate positivity to relieve stress to even Reiki, a hands-on healing method to achieve ultimate wellness, both in body and mind. What’s more is that in the second half of the course you’ll also learn how to do chakra healing, talk to your spirit guides, get answers for questions from your higher self and so much more!

The goal is to strengthen your faith in the power of will and positive manifestation to achieve inner peace that leads to better decisions, better relations and a better life.