Expanding conscious awareness.

In the land of Bama, when I meet someone for the first time I’m usually asked, “Where are you from?” Due to the local LORE (cultural law) you may not speak to your in-laws, and hence the question is often asked to see where you fit in.

The local Bama won’t have a conversation with you or interact much until they know where you are from, who you’re with and what’s in your spirit.

“Where are you from?” is now the question I ask people when I first meet them. This seems to open up an opportunity for dialogue. This is the norm for the local Bama up North in Cape York, but there may be different protocols for the Northern Territories and Western Australia.

I’m still a newbie learning Indigenous Australian culture and I find it absolutely fascinating. As I travel the kind locals give me tips and hints about what to do, and not to do.

An absolute MUST when travelling through Indigenous land is to talk to the locals because each tribe, and the land, require different protocols.

Expanding consciousness!