Workshops and Classes

Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Did you know there are different ways to meditate? In these sessions you learn five different meditation styles and how to incorporate them into your daily life to reduce anxiety and stress. In Positive Psychology research it states than when you increase your positivity ratio higher than negativity you improve your health, well-being and overall satisfaction in life. Learn how to increase positivity with meditation in this short workshop that will add great benefit to your life.

One full day 9am-4pm
Online Teaching Available
With Santosha

Reiki Training and Certification

Reiki is a powerful hands on healing method that was founded by Usui Sensei in Japan. It is a method for achieving spiritual perfection. Reiki has become well known in the Western world for its health benefits too. In this weekend workshop you’ll be attuned to the power of Reiki and learn ways to use it to benefit your overall health, well-being and life satisfaction. Reiki is good for you if you want to: reduce anxiety, reduce stress and worries, increase feelings of peace and serenity, empower yourself on a spiritual journey, increase meditation, and help the body to heal any ailment.

One full weekend Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm Online Training Available. With Santosha

Kundalini Yoga

The Kundalini is energy that resides at the base of your spine. With certain energy exercises, poses and intent you can draw this energy up through the spine awakening the seven chakras including the third eye. In these Kundalini Yoga sessions we focus on how to build and raise the kundalini energy.

One hour sessions & a Weekend Workshop
With Santosha

Talk to Your Spirit Guides

Do you want answers? Would you like to understand the way your spirit guides are communicating with you? Spirit guides are not physical beings and so communicate to you in different ways. Learn how to identify your spirit guides and have regular daily communication with them. An awesome tool to learn because you’ll have it for life!

A three hour morning or afternoon session. Online training available.
With Santosha

Yoga to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Peace

If you have anxiety you would know how crippling it can be when it takes over your daily life routine. In these sessions you will learn specific yoga poses (asanas) that are made specifically for reducing stress and anxiety and increasing peace of mind. After these sessions you’ll have a set routine that you can do at home – reducing your anxiety forever!

One hour session
With Santosha

Laughter Yoga for Schools, Community Groups and Business Meeting

A one hour laughter yoga session is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety! Join us for a session and learn the many benefits of activating positivity!! Click here to learn more about Laughter Yoga and the benefits.

One hour session
With Santosha

Matrix Program

The matrix program is an in-depth study of your personal template (matrix) including your family constellation, social constructs and core beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotional patterns. You will learn how to become more attuned to your habitual thoughts and behaviours, find the sabotaging core beliefs and how to make changes to steer your life in a direction you want it to go.

Time schedule varies depending on how many people will attend the workshop.
With Santosha

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