You can change your life with a bit of knowledge and a few personal development techniques. It’s easy once you know a little bit of information. So, where do we start?

It’s important to know first that you are NOT your patterns. You know, those pesky sabotaging patterns that makes you feel miserable, worthless, not good enough or just down right stuck in a rut. Well, they are NOT you. They are just patterns – and you can change them.

What do you have these patterns?

When you come into this world you are given rules to live by. The people that helped raise you and who you had interactions with such as your parents, other family members, teachers, doctors, etc. Through all these interactions you learned things: “Don’t do this.” “You’re not good enough.” “Be a good girl.” “You can only be successful if you work hard.”  You learned these things simply through communication whether that be verbal or non-verbal. Television, radio, magazines, social media… all these have an impact on your patterns too.

So, as you were growing up you gathered all these social norms and put them in a box I like to call your “Personal Template”. This box contains your patterns for this lifetime: beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotions. When a situation occurs you automatically refer to the Personal Template (without even thinking about it) and react accordingly.

It’s quite a handy little system…. to begin with.

But then you get tired of the patterns that make you depressed, anxious, miserable, feel not good enough, and receive patterns that judge you, put you down, hurt you.

You make a decision that you want to change.

If you’ve read this far….. I’m going to assume this is you now. You want to change your patterns and change your life.

You can change your life.

Most people are unaware of this fact because they were never taught this personal development. I learned this through all my studies at University. I studies Counselling, Psychology and Education. I learned how we create stress in the body with negative thoughts and feelings. I learned how people continue in the same patterns because of the CORE BELIEFS in their family patterns. I learned how positive psychology has scientifically proven the health benefits of increasing your overall positivity ratio.

And so I started changing my own life. I became aware of my thought patterns, and observe how ON PURPOSE and consciously injecting my mind with positive thoughts in the morning made my amazing synchronicity in my day. People around me were happier, and they became happier in my presence.

THEN, I started activating positivity when I needed to. I would write down things that made me feel grateful in the evening. Then I started thinking of things that made me feel grateful in the middle of the day – just to ACTIVATE POSITIVITY in that moment.

I successfully change the way I feel in every moment.

I would say it’s a miracle, but it’s no miracle. It’s just factual.

You can change your life. You can grow. You can create a life you desire.


Why am I so passionate about you loving your life? Because, I believe that if everyone around the planet were loving their life, fully happy and satisfied, feeling empowered, that they would be uplifting the energies of the planet – Healing the Planet from Within.

So, go love your life! Do it for the planet! 😉