Throughout my personal development and spiritual development journey I’m becoming more and more aware of how a daily routine can either support or sabotage your dreams and goals.

Let me give you an example.

On Thursday morning I woke up at 6am and did an intense one hour meditation and then some stretching exercises (my style of yoga). After the meditation and yoga I felt absolutely blissful and full of life! The entire day I was eating light foods that were easy to digest such as vegetables and fruit. I felt good all day.

Then, Thursday evening (last night) I watched a couple of tv shows: the new Doctor Who episode and I tried out a dracula tv series for the first time. I don’t know why I watched the entire dracula show. This dracula was capable of wearing other people’s skin as a suit – it was very gross. Everyone in the show died. I went to bed at 11pm and tossed and turned all night. My dreams were of vampires trying to give me immortal life. Thankfully I was refusing them because their offer was of a dark nature and I prefer to take my immortality in the light. (Uh, it was a dream – right!).

Today is Friday and I woke up at 8am and felt sluggish and exhausted all day.

This made me wonder and reflect on what the perfect daily routine would be if one was on the path to personal perfection (Usui Method) and self realisation (India).

What I’ve Noticed

  • What I’ve discovered over the years is that tv shows and movies tends to increase the number of thoughts in my mind. If I go for a week without watching them – as I did in India – my mind was more calm and quiet.
  • When I eat light foods such as fruits and vegetables it is easier to focus on meditation and do yoga.
  • Yoga and meditation are easier to do on an empty stomach.
  • Onions distract the mind so are definitely a no go if you want to deepen your meditation.
  • Negative thinking patterns feel awful in my body, and I prefer the uplifting feeling.
  • Negative thinking patterns distract one from feeling positive.
  • Feeling positive is necessary to keep your mind wide open and deepen your meditation.
  • Criticising other people in your mind tightens your muscles – jaw, shoulders, neck.
  • Positivity activations are necessary to maintain an uplifted vibration, a feel good vibe.
  • It’s necessary to perform mantras, chanting and positive affirmations daily. This not only flicks negative thinking to positive, but has positive affects on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • One must remain vigilant, aware and lucid when a core belief is triggered, and resolve it as quickly as possible.
  • A clean body is less distracting.
  • A clean and tidy environment is less distracting. Maintain your jobs in the mundane world such as sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, washing your clothes, washing your body, paying the bills, etc. THEN, the mind is calm and relaxed for meditation and spiritual practices.

To sum up, a daily routine can sabotage your ability to reach your goals and dreams. If you want to become a professional chef but can’t organise or stock your cupboards properly then you’re less efficient. If you want to lose weight but keep cookies, candy and chocolate in the kitchen cupboards then you’re not really supporting your goal. If you want to expand consciousness but continue to ruminate on negative thoughts, criticise others, watch horror shows and yell at the neighbour – well, you’re not moving towards your goal.

With every step, and every breath. With every thought, attitude, action, feeling and belief.

Your daily routine CAN EASILY ALIGN to create your life as you desire.

If you continue doing the same habitual routine – you’ll get the same results.