Your story is NOT my story to tell.

That’s my belief. My motto.

I’ve heard some amazing Indigenous stories from Traditional Owners and Elders, but they’re not mine to tell. So, the overall theme of this blog is about my experiences.

That’s rather tricky because sometimes I simply just want to burst with excitement when I hear something really neat!

But it just doesn’t feel right to share someone else’s story. It feels rather gossipy actually. Then my blog would be about me sharing other people’s stories, “I heard that she did this. And then this happened.”

Plus, during my Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Psychology confidentiality became a norm in my life. I hear many stories from many people, in many cultures. I keep them to myself… because, quite simply, it’s your story and not mine to tell.

There are plenty of books, blogs, articles, videos, and so on that share Indigenous stories. I think I’ll leave it up to them, and will certainly refer you to these sources for more information when it matches the theme of a blog.

The great thing about keeping this blog as my own journey and experiences is that you get to dive into the juicy goodness of my own story as I unplug from the mainstream and venture into the outback Australia (and eventually around the world).