Earth has incredible power, and there are places of pure power that should not be disturbed.

When I was travelling through Australia’s outback, it was common knowledge that one should not walk on sacred land without permission of the ancestors or the assistance of a local guide.

In ancient times, some locations were used for sacred men’s business, while others were used for sacred women’s business. There were many stories that if a tourist walked these lands, they would become ill and possibly die. As a result, hearing about this great Deity in the Himalayas who demonstrated the power of sacred land came as no surprise.

We were on our way to the Shiva Temple in Rudraprayag when we stopped at this breathtakingly beautiful spot the Dhari Devi Temple on the banks of the Alaknanda River between Srinagar and Rudraprayag in North India.

In the dreamtime, the Goddess Dhari Mata is said to communicate directly with the local villagers, giving instructions on where it is most pleased to reside, as well as to keep it outside and not under the cover of a building. This sacred being is held in high regard by many people.

The Goddess Dhari Devi is revered as the guardian and protector of Uttarkhand’s Char Dhams, as demonstrated by this powerful Deity in 2013.

Humans decided to relocate the temple from its original location in 2013. The local villagers recognised this as a bad omen and were concerned about offending the Divine Deity. This was confirmed when abnormally heavy rain fell within 24 hours, causing devastating floods and landslides. Unfortunately, many homes were destroyed, and over 6,000 people were killed.

The power of sacred beings was not respected, and as a result, consequences occurred. This type of thing occurs all over the world, but few people pay attention or respect sacred land. They are completely unaware of the link between disrespecting a sacred being and negative consequences.

It’s fascinating to hear a story like this because I’ve only heard faint stories of “bad energy” homes in Australia, but no one knows or cares that construction occurred on sacred land. Respect for sacred land and Higher Beings is almost completely lost.

I am grateful and relieved to hear that this knowledge is still alive and well in India, and I hope that India will continue to preserve the world’s spiritual knowledge. I adore India.

Furthermore, as an energy healer, knowing this information is critical. For example, I have clients who come to me with family lineage burdens from a time when their forefathers disrespected sacred land.

These clients are still struggling with money, relationships, and/or health today, sometimes centuries later. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to pay attention to the sacred laws of the Higher Being and Mother Earth herself. This results in a better life.