Learning Reiki can be an important stepping-stone to expand your knowledge and energy healing. I recommend that you consider my program with private sessions in order to receive one-on-one support and guidance.

There are too many low-quality online Reiki courses that don’t go deep enough in learning energy healing. This program includes how to improve your psychic skills, become more intuitive, raise your energy vibration and increase your conscious awareness so that you can be a great Reiki practitioner.

Visualise Yourself….

➜ Knowing how to use Reiki symbols to heal your heart from past pain.

➜ Having the ability to eliminate toxic patterns.

➜ Having the confidence to build a psychic shield of higher energies.

➜ Communicating directly with your Higher Self.

➜ Stepping through a portal beyond time and space to heal a loved one.

➜ Healing clients from around the world and earn extra money.

You deserve to live a healthy, happy life filled with love energy. So claim your natural healing abilities by signing up today.

In our 3-month Reiki Master Program….


You’ve been working hard to get your life in order. You’re tired of having pain and sorrow torment your body, mind, and spirit. You want something different, which led you to Reiki. You know in your heart that there must be more to Reiki treatment than just hands-on, and you’re looking for a training course to help you understand the complete Natural Healing System.

I really like how your intuition works! I was astounded to discover how watered down the Western form of Reiki is! In fact, Reiki encompasses so much more that it aligns with ancient Indian scriptures that outline the path to enlightenment. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves because there are a few steps to enjoy while learning how to heal with energies.

“Santosha’s Reiki course was amazing! I had tried Reiki before, but this time I really feel like I “got it”. The instruction was thorough and logical, plus the course material is really easy to follow. The exercises are also fun, which makes the whole process more fulfilling. The material presented is of an excellent quality, and I’m glad I found it. The psychic work we did in the course helped boost my skills tremendously. It’s a great course and worth every penny! Santosha’s course is not just a training in technique, it’s also a new beginning in life!”

Janine, Ireland

Emotion Code Practitioner

This comprehensive online program is what you need to get started on the right path today. If you are of a sensitive empath and are aware that you could assist others with your gift, then this course is designed just for YOU.

➜ Are you a healer seeking for a comprehensive program that will teach you how to improve your psychic abilities?

➜ Are you sensitive to other people’s feelings and aware that you could assist them if you had the knowledge?

➜ Do you want to learn from a Reiki Master Teacher who has worked with Universal Energies and methods for over 24 years?

This Reiki Master Teacher Training Program is suitable for Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners, Mindset Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Aspiring Healers, and Helping Professionals who are ready to take their Psychic and Intuitive Energy Healing abilities to the next level.


In our 3-month Reiki Master Program….


Reiki is much more than the watered-down version that most people in the Western world are taught, which involves simply placing hands on a body. The same is true for yoga in the Western culture; the original form of yoga in India is much more than just asanas (postures). Reiki (energy healing) originated in ancient Indian times as a mix of practices that naturally emerge when one is on the path to enlightenment.

Yogis would connect with the multidimensional world and achieve amazing feats through energy exercises, meditation, and trance states. They would go through energy awakening and cleansing processes that would endow them with Siddhis (superpowers) that are inherent in the awakening process.

In this Origin Reiki Master Teacher program you will learn how to reach awareness in a meditative state to receive direct messages from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self regarding your or your client’s physical, mental, and emotional healing requirements. This is a healing that goes far deeper than “hands on set positions,” as it involves you developing psychic and intuitive talents to feel into the energy themselves.

Because of the profundity of this training, all of my students receive the FULL PACKAGE PROGRAM of Reiki Levels One, Two, and Master. You’ll have access to ALL of my PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT practises, as well as ancient Reiki energy exercises to improve your relationship with Reiki. All of my training programs aim to: 1. increase bliss, joy, peace, and love, and 2. eliminate pain, misery, and suffering.

How does the Origin Reiki Master Training Program work?
Step 1: Schedule a session using the form below or send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll go over your training requirements in depth so I know where you stand and what you require.

Step 2: We will then book you into your carefully designed program so you can get started on this exciting journey with me!

What will you receive in my comprehensive Online Reiki Master Teacher Certification program?

  1. Full comprehensive training program that you have access to for a lifetime!
  2. Full support directly with me via email and/or messenger. Ask as many questions as you need!
  3. Three complete Reiki manuals that you can use to teach your students.
  4. Understanding of traditional energy exercises to improve your relationship with Reiki energy.
  5. In Reiki Level Two, you’ll learn the original Reiki symbols as well as the Kotodama (which most Reiki training overlooks!)
  6. Depending on the package you select, you will either participate in group sessions or receive individual training and energy healing from me.

Hi there. I’m glad you found my calendar! To minimise spam, I don’t put my email address up on the site and contact forms also had a few issues. So the best approach to contacting me is by filling out this form. Once you have completed your booking, the calendar will send me an email with more information. I will then reach out to you with a confirmation and we can begin our conversation about what you need the most.

I’m committed to giving the best healing services possible. One way I do this is by asking a few questions before our session gets started. There’s also an empty spot to leave any questions for me on the calendar form. I’m looking forward to talking with you. 


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