Healing the Planet from Within

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Do you want to reach new heights? Do you want to manifest your desires?

You begin by being.

In this moment you are generating an energetic vibration that is magnetising to you what you experience in life.

If everyone on the planet was consciously aware of their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings and, on purpose, raised their energy vibrations…. well, the world would be a different place.

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Your body is made of energy….

The world is made of energy too.

Your emotions of made of energy and can get stuck in your physical body causing illness, disease and sabotaging you from moving forward in life.

Energy work focuses on releasing the stuck emotions from your physical body to free you from sabotaging patterns, even the ones you have inherited from your family and past lives.

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Healing the Planet from Within

Books That are Creatively Made for Reading and Sharing


Positivity is not just about happy thoughts. It’s about living your ultimate potential. Activating positivity is guaranteed to improve your life!

Personal Development

Healing the Planet from Within

This isn’t a book that just offers platitudes. The book abounds with easy to follow techniques for understanding and improving every aspect within the reader’s life, from health and relationships to personal goal setting.

Personal Development

The Ultimate Personal Development Workbook is an ideal tool for consciously steering your life in the direction you want it to go.

Positivity in Business

Get Jiggity with Positivity will excite and motivate you to energise your life and business with dynamic positivity injections. Do not underestimate the power of positivity.

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