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Energy Healing gives everyone the ability to improve themselves and lead a better life. Hold my hand and rise with me.

Break My Barriers

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Everyone and everything, even you, is made of energy and is generating energy vibrations. The energy you project decide what you attract in your life. Energy healing activates your positive energy and raises those energy vibrations. Removing your sabotaging patterns, anxiety, confusion, and stuck emotions.

These raised positive vibrations improve the world inside and around you.

Let’s together heal your world from within.

Thank you so much! I’ve never tried healing with Emotion Code before. I felt so desperate for relief. I struggled with a negative inner self talk for so long no matter how ‘positive’ I tried to be. After our first session, this morning, for the first time ever, instead of asking ‘am I enough’ I am actually hearing ‘I am enough’, ‘I am enough’.

Lisa Butorac

Licensed Vocation Nurse

 let’s dive into your sabotaging limitations

I am a Blessed Energy Healer, Psychic, Empath and Certified Counsellor as well as an Online Business Strategy expert, enchanted with the mission to hold your hand and uncover your toxic patterns, helping you move forward in life and business.



Even if you’re finding yourself helpless or hopeless, together with a simple yet effective process, we passionately reclaim your higher destiny.

We Understand

Peeling off the layers to pinpoint the reason behind the negatives in your life.


Focusing to free you from the negative patterns you are stuck in.

We reconnect

Finding and reconnecting to the most fruitful path for your life and career growth.

You Grow

Watching you grow into your happy life as an elegant and admirable human being.

Read and….

Turn Yourself into a Better Version

After years of experience and personal research, learning about this world and its energies, these books were written with the intention to improve your life.


Learn how to raise your energy vibrations and increase conscious awareness.


A simple book to help you stay on track with doing a gratitude journal.


Easy to follow techniques to enhance  aspect of life from wealth, health, purpose and love.


Positivity is not just about “happy thought”, it’s a way of living. It makes you likeable admirable and more loved.


Everyone has the ability to talk to their Spirit Guides and this book will show you how to do that!


Ideal tool to consciously guide you through your journey of personality development. Helping you unleash your full potential.

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