I truly believe that if everyone became intimately aware of their energetic patterns and used these incredible personal development tools to align their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotions to a life they love…. uplifting their energies to a healthy positivity ratio…. the world would be a different place…. Healing the Planet from Within.

My book will take you on a delightful inner journey to improve your life! 

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About the Book

Healing the Planet from Within is a personal development book that offers a method for self-examination with strategies for becoming successful in life. This powerful inner journey of personal development is guided by counselling and psychology theories, life coaching techniques and ancient spiritual beliefs.

In this dynamic holistic personal development book you will discover a power deep inside of you that you can use to improve your life.

It’s time for a more conscious way of living. What does that mean? Well, have you ever noticed how some people are on automatic pilot? They repeat the same habits and patterns they have for years. They continue with the same story year after year. They complain about the same story year after year.

With personal development strategies you can change your story. You can change how you feel every day. You can change patterns that no longer serve you. You can change habitual thought patterns so that you start to believe in yourself – that you are worthy of love and success. That you deserve the best in life.

In this book Healing the Planet from Within you are given all the tools you need to start redesigning your life.

This book will take you on an inner journey to help you create a life you love! …. and in turn Healing the Planet from Within

What’s inside


Imagination Creates


Design Your Life


Gift of Now


Thought Awareness


Becoming Creators of Life


Family Patterns

Chapter 1

Do you ever wonder how you got to be the way you are? Do you ever think about why things didn’t work out differently? Do you ever catch yourself thinking bad things about your life or yourself?

When we feel our life is stuck or out of control we start to wonder. Why do we just keep our head down and struggle through the day-to-day routine? Why are we letting go of our dreams and goals? Why do we remain stuck? Perhaps we have hope that one day we will live a life that truly makes us happy and satisfied.

Whenever we think like this we are trapped inside a viewpoint. We are stuck in a pattern of thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. And that’s exactly what it is. Just a pattern. It’s not the truth. It is only our perspective of life. Someone else may see it differently.  

My mission is to inspire and motivate everyone on the planet to see new possibilities and take action to create a life in which they are doing what they love.

You were born, we were all born, in a matrix of societal constructs, and thoughts have been given to us. We are so caught in this web of thought that we do not see outside of this narrow tunnel. A different reality of new possibilities begins when you choose your thoughts. A new successful way of living begins when you align your thoughts with your dreams and goals.

Thought is energy and can be created in your mind. Thought can deflate or expand energy. A negative thought generates heavy, suppressive feelings while positive thoughts give pleasurable and uplifting feelings.  Can you think of a time when you were feeling reluctant or forced to do something? What was your overall energy in this task? Now bring to mind a time when you were passionate and excited to do something or go somewhere. What is the difference in energy between the two thought patterns? The energy created by your thoughts has an effect on your life.

You feel as you think. If you continue to think and act in the same way then no change will occur. If you change your thoughts to something more positive your energies are uplifted and you feel motivated and excited. That same energy radiates itself out through us and into the world. The basic laws of physics states that energy moves from one medium into another. It becomes apparent then that you have the power to improve your life, but more than that, the power you generate through your thoughts can heal the planet.

Choose your thoughts wisely. Use personal development strategies to become more aware of the thoughts in your mind and witness if they are hindering you or working towards your dreams and goals. You can decide to hold thoughts that generate positive energy in your life, and to positively affect others.


“The interconnections between consciousness, values and right action are not unlike some of the principles of Buddhism. If we fostered a greater awareness of these principles in our lives, we would have the power to heal ourselves and our planet.”

 ~ King, 2010



An inspirational book that encourages you to live a life you love, while uplifting the energies of the planet.

“This isn’t a book that just offers platitudes. The book abounds with easy to follow techniques for understanding and improving every aspect within the reader’s life, from health and relationships to personal goal setting.”

~Lynne Lumsden Green, Writer

She suggests a focus of personal development for inspiring conscious living. She also debunks some popular myths of spirituality which are long overdue of our times.

Rudran Brannock, Soul Polisher

About the Author

Carmen Wyld is actively involved in the area of Personal Development because she believes that the secret to living a better life lies within our thoughts, intentions, feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs.

Meet Carmen WyldSanskrit name Santosha, BSocSc Counselling & Psychology, Dip. Professional Counselling, Masters of Education, Reiki Master Teacher & Trainer for 20+ years, Laughter Yoga Leader, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Chakra Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher (from Rishikesh, India), Hidden Yogi, and Empath. Certified in the Ananda Marga Wellness Natural Therapy Course conducted in the Philippines. She continues to play in the area of vibrational essence and expanding consciousness.


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