The Heart Wall is what Dr. Bradley Nelson discovered as a collection of toxic feelings and emotions that the body gathered in the heart centre during difficult times, for protection. At the HeartMind Institute they state the importance of working with your Heart Energy because it has a measurable effect on every person who is within range or your energy field.

“The collective HeartLight energy of everybody on the planet has a measurable effect on Earth’s geomagnetic field! So, it’s actually possible to help transform the entire planet, simply by positively transforming your own HeartLight energy. It’s a fact!”

When you have a Heart Wall your radiant energy is dampened and it contains the energy resonance of the toxic suppressed emotions that are stuck there. When you start to clear the stuck emotions in your Heart Wall you feel more uplifted, and when it is removed completely your HEART OPENS UP TO FEELING JOY IN EVERY MOMENT.

How do Emotions create a Heart Wall?

You might be able to think of a time in your life when you felt pain in your heart from a break-up. If it was particularly difficult the pain can be difficult to deal with. Yet, you need to get on with life and keep working, raising the kids, etc. Due to this hustle and bustle the hurtful emotions were suppressed inside. Where these emotions and feelings are put in the body is determinant upon the situation at the time.

➜ The Heart Wall is when your subconscious mind has gathered these unprocessed emotions in the heart centre as a way of keeping you from feeling heartache.

➜ It’s well-known in many ancient practices around the world – Yogic, Qi Gong, Reiki, Shamanic – that stuck and stagnant energies in the body (feelings and emotions) cause illness and disease of the body and mind.

What a Heart Wall does it gives you a layer of protection so that you won’t feel the hurt any more. When this layer of protection builds to miles thick the person is numb to the outside world and can’t feel emotions in every day life.

For instance, one of my clients was telling me a story in our first session how distraught she was that she did not cry when her daughter was in an accident and put in the hospital. Her family members asked her many times why she wasn’t crying or upset, but she simply didn’t feel anything. That’s when she felt there was something wrong with her.

What it Feels like when the Heart Wall is removed!

When I had my first Heart Wall session it was 12 feet thick. At the time I was still learning about Emotion Code and the Heart Wall, so I was simply curious. The people who were working on me must have been new to Emotion Code because they were only removing 5 emotions each session. (In the Emotion Code certification it is recommended to remove 6-12 emotions in a session.) My last Heart Wall session was done on a Zoom recorded meeting (which is now live on my YouTube Channel: HealingthePlanetfromWithin).

I felt a burst of Joy from my Heart Centre within a few minutes! Other people have felt the same rush of Joy and opening.

Benefits of Removing the Heart Wall

The best part of removing the Heart Wall is that your life starts to open up:

  • your business becomes more successful,
  • you’re relationships are more uplifting,
  • you are drawn to new friends who support you,
  • and even your health improves.

Although I can’t guarantee any of the above, the uplifting energy resonance of supreme Joy certainly has a positive effect throughout your entire life!

Warnings about removing the Heart Wall

There are certain situations in which a practitioner should use cautious with the Heart Wall. If your client is STUCK in a TOXIC, narcissistic relationship their Heart Wall is currently being used for protection. It is necessary for them to have it. Heart Wall have a valuable purpose in a person’s life.

Removing the Heart Wall should be done gently and with ease if your client has experienced a lot of trauma and childhood abuse. In this case it is often quite a thick Heart Wall (miles upon miles sometimes!) and, in these cases the Heart Wall won’t have acknowledge (in muscle testing) that it exists at all.

For example, one of my clients experiences limited depth of emotions, has childhood abuse, and has the negative side effects of that in her daily life including anxiety and depression and other physical ailments. When I tested if she had a Heart Wall it said “No”, then I tested if she had a hidden Heart Wall and it said “No”. Now, from previous experiences I know there’s a Heart Wall there… but what the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is telling us here is that this client is simply not ready for this level of work, yet. This particularly happens if the client has not heart of Heart Walls or Emotion Code, so the first step is to give their mind more information so they understand the process – and feel safe!

Sessions for Removing Your Heart Wall

➜ As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I can offer private sessions for removing your Heart Wall. We do these session on Zoom because I really like connecting directly with my clients.

➜ Some clients, who have worked with me many times, ask me to do the session by Proxy (Long Distance) without hopping on a Zoom meeting because they know my level of work, and this saves their time. 😉


Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.