Psychic Self-Defense for Empaths

I’ve been building psychic self-defense for a few years now. I experimented with this way and that technique to see how it feels. psychic self defense healing the planet from within

The reason why I started doing this is because, as an Empath, I’m very sensitive to energies. My efforts doubled when I started working as an ESL Teacher in China.

The city I was in was dense energies and the people around me were more mundane than I’ve ever experienced. There was no light inside people, no spark of delight or joy, and even no sacred feeling of the land or environment. It really shook me around.

I found this harsh environment ideal for developing psychic shields. It was like an instant feedback system. I would chant one day – and found I was still unbalanced in my energies. I started doing mudras and found them very relaxing, but not really a psychic shield.

You see, as an Empath I’ve always felt the thought and emotion energies that people permeate out into the world. The negative energetic vibrations are tiring, while the positives energies are uplifting. For this reason, I often keep to myself and do my own Inner Work – and the reason why I loooooved India!

Psychic Shield #1: In meditation I would vision myself sitting in a lotus flower, bubble of light or surrounded by love, joy and peace.

Peace worked the best. Peace seemingly doesn’t compete with the outside energies. Joy competes with stress as you simply can’t feel joy if you’re overwhelmed and stressed – like most people here. Love has too many social constructs and norms surrounding it that it’s nearly impossible – nearly impossible – to push it through the foggy of darkness.

But PEACE, well peace just is. It doesn’t compete. It just generates as it is and the more it is the more it waves through the energies in a protective shield. That’s my experience of it during that year in China where I was practicing daily.

Still, I needed something more so I started doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual. I’ve come across this a few times in the past years and have tried it – but certainly not regularly. It was fascinating when I first started doing it. I was doing it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

One day I forgot to do it and by noon I was consciously feeling a wave of negativity come into my space. I was gobsmacked to say the least. This one really works was what I was thinking.

When you create a psychic shield, a magical thing happens: You find that the negative energies are kept outside of your aura so they don’t affect you.

You can go through life feeling happier, more satisfied and confident. It’s as if you’ve created bubble of different energy vibrations around you…. Healing the Planet from Within.

The negative people seem to feel as though you’re just not worth the bother any more. It’s too much work for them, when they could feed off someone easier.

There’s many ways of building a psychic shield depending on your needs. Over time with dedication and effort the psychic shield would remain more permanent as part of your regular matrix and overall energy vibes. It could take a few years of dedicated practice in Spiritual Development to make it strong.

Psychic Shield #2: Visualise a layer of light energy around you and envision it has thick as it needs to be to feel solid. See the shape of it. Get a clear image of it in your mind. Then set the intention of how strong it is and what it is to defend or protect you against. The more details you do in the visualisation the better the shield will be. When it’s complete you should be able to vision it defending you against swords, fire, curses and everything else that pops into your mind during the process.

Psychic Shield #3: Go to YouTube and search for “Purnamadah” chant from India. Choose one that sounds really good to you. Play it at home, in the car and sing along with it… over time you’ll start to feel the energetic vibrations that it creates. There are many SACRED CHANTS IN INDIA that raise your energetic vibration.

Psychic Shielding is a process I can highly recommend doing on a daily basis, especially if you’re an empath, as it uplifts your energy vibes… Healing the Planet from Within.

If you’d like me to take you through the process of building your Psychic Shield, I do these sessions on Zoom with people around the world.

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Note: Psychic Shield Blog first written July 24, 2019

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