Benefits of Personal Development Worksheets

Personal Development is a self-improvement practice that reveals toxic patterns in your life so that you can change them; increasing happiness and satisfaction.

Around the world people are waking up to the idea that they can take conscious actions to positively improve their lives. Anyone, anywhere, can do this no matter their circumstances or situation. You don’t need to be in dire traits to dive into personal development because there is actually so much expansion one can do to open up life to new levels.

On this page you can download Free Personal Development worksheets and start your journey.  



Below you will find an awesome list of free personal development worksheets. We’re ADDING MORE, make sure you BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! Feel free to download them one at a time as you need to work on a particular issue, or download them all at once and pop them into a folder on your desktop. Label the folder, “Free Personal Development Worksheets from Healing the Planet from Within”. A,lso COPY AND PASTE this LINK and SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, ETC. Here’s the LINK: THANKS!


Your thoughts create your reality only if you engage with them as truth. Download this free personal development worksheet and become more consciously aware of the toxic thought patterns that are in your mind.


Never under estimate the power of a gratitude journal! I recommend a gratitude journal at least twice a year to bring your back to awareness of what’s good in your life. It’s like flicking your mind to see positivity, which in turns uplifts your mood and levels of life satisfaction.

goals and dreams WORKSHEET

Life becomes juicy good when you are working towards achieving your goals and dreams. Download this worksheet to help you reflect and contemplate what that means for you.

self worth WORKSHEET

Have you ever felt “not good enough”? Often times, throughout our upbringing, we pick up toxic patterns that make us feel not good enough. As adults we need to work towards building feelings of self worth so that we feel okay in life. Download this free personal development worksheet to work on your feelings of worthiness

Activate Positivity Worksheet

I became a big fan of positivity after I read the research on how much it can improve our life, health and well-being. Positivity is NOT just about thinking positive thoughts, it is about FEELING the 10 DIFFERENT FORMS OF POSITIVITY in your body. What this does is uplifts your energy vibrations! Download this informative worksheet.

Changing Negative Thoughts Worksheet

Negative thoughts can knock down your self-doubt, self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. Download this free personal development worksheet to learn how to catch negative thinking and change it to positive.

Self Awareness Worksheet

Self-awareness is such a juicy good self-improvement tool. Why? Well, the more self-aware you are the better you are able to steer your life in a direction you want it to go. Download this simple self-awareness worksheet and dive right in!

Identifying Your Top Values

Identifying your top values in life allows you to align them with your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours for overall life satisfaction.

Kick Procrastination Worksheets

There are SIX free personal development worksheets in this ZIP FILE you’ll be downloading. They are designed to help you explore your procrastination patterns.

Fun Self-Care Bingo!

Download this fun SELF CARE BINGO worksheet and give yourself some looooove.

10 Ways to Get Motivated Worksheet

In this free personal development worksheet you will learn about Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, and 10 Ways to Help you Get Motivated and on Track with Reaching Your Goals and Dreams. Still stuck? I help people get UNSTUCK with Emotion Code.

Fun Self-Care Bingo!

Download this fun SELF CARE BINGO worksheet and give yourself some looooove.

Change Toxic Core Beliefs Worksheet

My area of expertise is to help people get UNSTUCK from Toxic Patterns. Core beliefs are one of the HIDDEN elements of our energetic vibrations that can keep you stuck in toxic patterns. Download this worksheet on Changing Toxic Core Beliefs and then go to my YouTube channel and listen to the Guided Meditation on Changing Core Beliefs. (Link is on the worksheet).


Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. There are many resources and videos discussing Ho’oponopono on the internet, but here’s a version I put together. Please refer to the original source for more information. 

Attitude of Gratitude Worksheet

This “Attitude of Gratitude” WORKSHEET is 4 pages of divine fun to get you in a high vibes gratitude mindset.

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Client Testimonials

“I was at a crossroads in life and divine guidance led me to this course. All the mystical subjects I’ve always had interest in were covered with practical instructions for real life use. The pieces of the mystical puzzle all connected in this course! I’m so excited to continue this journey. Santosha has been a mentor and teacher who truly lives these principles and applies them in her life and in the course. The real deal!”

~ Carey Cameron, Missouri, USA

“I have such deep gratitude for you SantoshaJi, from my heart to yours. The universe guided me to your course just when I was ready to truly start healing myself. People from all levels of spiritual growth and all lifestyles can benefit from this course. It’s all about being willing and ready to make positive changes to your life. If you truly dedicate yourself to positive healing, you will start to see results almost immediately. All it takes is maybe an hour per day for three weeks, and you will kickstart a lifetime of positivity and personal growth. Even if you think “I already know these things,” this course offers a variety of practices, resources, advice, and open communication to allow everyone to benefit from each lesson.

Thank you again for allowing me to receive your guidance. I have noticed so many positive changes in my life already, including better sleep habits, more patience, increased motivation and confidence to pursue my goals, and radiating joy in place of my old stress and anxiety.”

~ Brandy, Texas, USA

“Santhosha Ji has a refreshing way of guiding you into this Knowledge. I’m so glad to come across a teacher so dedicated towards traveling inwards and helping others to do the same. She definitely gives you the strong base needed to work on yourself and also to help others. Learning to build an Energy Shield and Increasing Your Vibes is a life long journey now. You will learn to unravel dimensions of healing. This is a blessing to channelize positive energy for me, and build more awareness of self.”

Sindu Sai, Rishikish, India


Interested in developing your abilities as a Psychic and Intuitive Healer? Please keep in mind that we can only take on a few students per month. It’s a three month program so please ensure you are ready to do the InnerWork, exercises and homework! If that all sounds okay to you then please make a booking to discuss details further.