Tune your energies to self healing

Your determination to heal yourself brought you here to get rid of toxic patterns and cleanse the negatives away from your life. This is your first step to your inner freedom, improved living, and a happy heart.

Imagine Yourself….

➜ Eliminating generational toxic patterns.

➜ Releasing inner fears and insecurities.

➜ Feeling confident to be yourself in relationships.

➜ Expanding your business and feeling deeply satisfied.

Boosting the healing abilities of your body.

➜ Opening yourself up to love again, and being loved.

Energy healing helps you manifest your dreams into life. 

Wholeness is God’s desire for you, my healing gifts help you reach it.

“To let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right.” ~Ramtha

In 3-step deep dive session….


You want to make positive changes to your life, but you’ve tried everything. You know you’re struggling because you have toxic patterns. You have hope deep inside yourself that healing is possible and you’re looking for a healer who can find the DEPTH of the ISSUE that is CAUSING YOU PROBLEMS. 

Booking in for an introductory session opens up the door for opportunity. You guide the session with your INTENTIONS FOR HEALING. I communicate directly to Spirit and the God Source on your behalf. There are three steps to these sessions: 1. Know your patterns 2. Release stuck emotions 3. Heal issues in your family lineage and/or past lives. After this session you’ll then have an opportunity to purchase a PACKAGE SESSION for a discounted rate.

I have had the most amazing energy healing sessions with Carmen that empowered me to push myself to where I have dreamed of being for several years. She is able to go deep into the subconscious to release what no longer serves your soul. I am so looking forward for more expansion and possibilities with my life. I am so ready for more growth in my life. Carmen has extraordinary gifts I’ve never seen and is an amazing healer. Namaste.

Julie Laughlin

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Harness the power of your healing energy

Everything and everyone is made of energy. When several methods of this vast world scratch the superficial layer of healing, energy healing finds the core of the difficulties and helps your body to heal from your past, grow into your finding happiness in the present, and empower you to face the future.

You deserve this!

P.S. It’s not “20 min” short but more like “1+ hours” short. Time never stops me from holding your hand and taking you to your most fulfilling life. So, keep your schedule free.

When do we meet?? You choose…

It’s easy to book your spot! Simply choose a date in the calendar below and put in your name and email address, and answer the questions. I’m super excited to meet you!!


What time zone are you in?

I work with clients around the world, and we use the booking calendar to do the time zone conversion for us. I’m currently located in Australia. Nice sunny days, beaches and waterfalls. 🙂

How do I pay for the session?

After you make your booking you’ll receive a “Welcome Pack” via email with all sorts of juicy good ONBOARDING DOCUMENTS, including your invoices that has an easy link for payment.

Will I have to sign up for future sessions?

The choice is completely yours, but keep in mind that Healing Happens in Layers… and I’ll muscle test how many sessions it will take to reach your goals of healing and manifesting. That way you’ll be completely clear.

How long is this first session for?

This amazing introduction session used to be a short session of only 20 minutes, but I found that I was always going over an hour… sometimes up to 1 1/2 hours with new clients. It’s a fascinating process you see and there is so much to. (Yes, I know in the above video I say “short video”, but let’s call one hour short – okay? 🙂 Please have free 1 hour, 60 minutes.

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