Tune your energies to self healing

Your determination to heal yourself brought you here to get rid of toxic patterns and cleanse the negatives away from your life. This is your first step to your inner freedom, improved living, and a happy heart.

Imagine Yourself….

➜ Eliminating generational toxic patterns.

➜ Releasing inner fears and insecurities.

➜ Feeling confident to be yourself in relationships.

➜ Expanding your business and feeling deeply satisfied.

➜ Increasing your body’s ability to heal.

➜ Opening yourself up to loving, and being loved.

Energy healing assists you in bringing your dreams to life.

Wholeness is God’s desire for you, my healing gifts help you reach it.

“To let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right.” ~Ramtha

Energy healing that gets to the ORIGINS….

You were successful in your search for a healer!!

You are caught in toxic patterns, and no matter what treatment method or personal development practice you try, you are trapped in the same self-destructive habits. You’ve had enough of being overwhelmed and frustrated by this problem. You’ve been hunting for a healer who can assist you, but most healers only remove the problem’s superficial layers. You have a gut feeling that there is a better method, so you keep looking for it. Your gut instinct is correct! While it is true that healing occurs in layers, the difficulty with most energy healers is that they remove one component of an issue while the energetic frequency remains, causing you troubles.


I have had the most amazing energy healing sessions with Carmen that empowered me to push myself to where I have dreamed of being for several years. She is able to go deep into the subconscious to release what no longer serves your soul. I am so looking forward for more expansion and possibilities with my life. I am so ready for more growth in my life. Carmen has extraordinary gifts I’ve never seen and is an amazing healer. Namaste.

Julie Laughlin

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Restoring your physical, mental, and emotional health enables you to advance in life and business.

During your energy healing session, I’ll enter a trance state and travel through your energetic patterns, looking for the source of the problem. I’ll interact with our Spirit Guides and Higher Self directly and be directed by the information they provide.

In past sessions, I’ve connected with a deceased Grandmother, a Shaman eight generations up the family lineage, eliminated blocks from the year 536 (Google that one! ), and much more.

The following have occurred in the lives of clients: a $5,000/$6,000 win (two clients), a marriage proposal, practitioners gaining additional paying clients, success in finding an ideal employment, and rekindled communication between family members, to name a few.

P.S. It’s not “20 min” short but more like “1+ hours” short. Time never stops me from holding your hand and taking you to your most fulfilling life. So, keep your schedule free.

Hello there, my friend! Yes, this is the correct location to CONTACT ME. To minimise spam, I don’t put my email address directly on the website, and those contact forms were causing me problems as well! So, the best approach to CONTACT ME is to fill out the form below. The calendar will then send me an email confirming your booking, to which I will answer and we can begin chatting.

I’m so committed to my clients’ healing that I’ve added a few questions to help me understand how I can best assist you. There’s also an empty field on the calendar form where you may type any questions you’d want me to answer. I’m excited to assist you with your healing and learning needs!

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