6 months Mentoring for Energy Healers

It is time for you, dedicated energy healers and earth’s helpers, to step forward and realise your full potential!

➜ Have you dabbled in energy healing but can’t seem to break free from your own self-sabotaging patterns to launch your own healing business?

➜ Are you having trouble acquiring new clients and are unsure where you stand or how to proceed?

➜ Are you fed up with attracting clients who are “takers” and have a “poverty mindset”?

➜ Do you want to learn how to change your energy vibration to attract your ideal clients?

You came into this world to be a healer. You have a special gift that others who are struggling desperately need. You sense a calling deep within, but are unsure how to proceed.

I can feel it within myself as well. The world and people need you.

How do I know? I’m convinced that energy healers are needed right now to assist others in healing, breaking free from toxic patterns, and moving forward to create a life they love.

What benefits will mentoring provide you?

This mentoring program was created after years of working with women who were determined to improve their lives, heal themselves, and achieve greater success. Every technique, tip, and practice you’ll learn with me is something I use in my daily life to keep my vibration high.

There is a secret to healing and manifesting that few people are aware of, and even those who are aware of it are unsure of how to apply it in their daily lives.

As a result, many people, in my experience, require a new routine of weekly sessions to hold them accountable.

Furthermore, as an energy healer, I scan your energetic matrix and tune into the toxic or stuck energies that must be shifted in order for you to move forward in life and business.


How can I be of service to you?

You’re sick of feeling frustrated and trapped in the toxic patterns you were born into, but what do you really want to learn and grow into? What does your ideal life entail?


You feel you need to improve your energy healing skills in order to feel confident.

You want to be able to easily attract fantastic clients.

You're tired of the negative thoughts that haunt you and make you miserable.

You're aware that you need to heal yourself more deeply, but you're not sure how.

You're ready for a change and have been looking for a suitable mentor for some time.

 What’s Included in the mentoring program?

Each woman who seeks energy healing and mentoring has a unique agenda, dreams, goals, and healing requirements. As a result, the program you sign up for will be tailored specifically to you.

During our first session, I’ll ask you questions to learn about what you’ve tried but didn’t work, what you’re most frustrated with, your physical body’s healing needs, and what you want to change.

Following that, I’ll explain the various themes of the programs so that we can determine which one best suits your needs.

I had no idea how to start my energy healing business when I first started the program with Santosha. I was successful as a psychic, but getting clients in the door was impossible. Something changed in the energies after 8 sessions, and my schedule was completely booked a month later! Book in if you’re ready for the shift!

Pam, Canada

Light Code Energy Healer

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