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If you feel numb to the world and are unable to sense emotions you likely have a HeartWall.

Do you often feel heavy hearted?

Do you feel numb and can't feel emotions like others?

Have you experienced past trauma?

Have you ever felt isolated and alone?

Financial Freedom

HeartWalls have been seen to cause a poverty mindset

Relationship Issues

People with a HeartWall struggle to feel connected with others.

Lack of Love

A HeartWall stops people from feeling and receiving love.

Stuck in Life and Business

A HeartWall limits a person’s creativity, motivation and inspiration.


A Heart-Wall session was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson who wrote the book Emotion Code. The Emotion Code is an Energy Healing system that is intended to help you relieve physical pain, heal emotional wounds, and restore love in relationships. The Emotion Code training may even assist you in overcoming possible self-sabotage and living the life you were destined to live.


“Carmen Santosha was wonderful to work with! I’m so appreciative of her expertise. She went above and beyond using Emotion Code, making sure to release the trapped emotions that needed to be.”

“I’ve never tried healing with Emotion Code before. I felt so desperate for relief. I struggled with a negative inner self talk for so long no matter how ‘positive’ I tried to be. After our first session, this morning, for the first time ever, instead of asking ‘am I enough’ I am actually hearing ‘I am enough’.

“Carmen SantoshaJi is a beautiful soul to work with. As a healer, I know that she removed energetic blocks with Emotion Code, ones I couldn’t find myself. Her healing goes deep. I can say that Carmen is magnificent, she is really awesome. I recommend her 100% .”

 Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start YOUR HEART HEALING Today!

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