The energetic vibration it takes to be a healee is “hopelessness and helplessness”. This is a lower vibration that is NOT conducive to effective healing.

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You want to become a Healer, but you’re tired of courses that only teach the watered-down practices…

➜ Are you tired of healing programs that only scratch the surface, leaving you unsatisfied and still struggling?

My Integrated Healing Program, (just like myself) goes beyond the ordinary, recognising the profound connection between our physical body and our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. By exploring scientific evidence, pseudo science, psychology, positive psychology, mindset, belief systems, ancient healing modalities, and a touch of spirituality, we provide you’ll learn a comprehensive approach to healing.

Imagine being able to tap into your unique spiritual gifts and explore the depth of your own healing. 

Integrated Healing Course with Santosha
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With this amazing program you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  • Chakra healing
  • Core Belief work
  • Body Talk and How to Release Stuck Emotions
  • Inner child healing
  • How to heal Past Life Karma
  • How to heal Intergenerational Trauma
  • How to Talk to your Spirit Guides for healing and growth
  • Mindset training
  • How to raise your energy vibration

These can make a lasting impact on your overall well-being BUT IT’S IMPORTANT TO GO EVEN DEEPER into the knowledge of energy healing so that our mundane mind understands the process. Hence, YOU’LL ALSO LEARN:

  • About specific scientific evidence that has proven the connection between our emotions and physical disease.
  • Scientific evidence that has proven that certain healing modalities reduces chronic stress and why reducing stress is important for our physical body’s health and emotional well-being.

but there’s more…

In order to understand and effectively utilise all the skills in the program there’s KEY FOUNDATIONAL MINDSETS that are necessary for effective healing.

Have you ever come across healers who don’t know what they are doing? These people are “pretenders” and are often falsely confident with their healing skills. Although they try to prove themselves as worthy healers, they give off this vibration of being FAKES. Under the surface they are hiding their own life struggles and SUFFER from lower vibrational energies. If they can’t help themselves, how can they effectively help others?

There are too many healers in the world who have no idea what they are doing! That’s because there are too many “WEEKEND CERTIFICATION” COURSES that don’t teach the comprehensive process of the interconnected system that we live in. 

I have the perfection solution – my transformative Integrated Healing Certification program. By joining this comprehensive program, you will not only become part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, but also gain the techniques and practices that will enhance your abilities to:

  • Harness the power of energies to enhance your health and overall well-being,
  • Embrace the concept of mind over matter, allowing you to guide your thoughts to creating a life that fills you with joy,
  • Take a closer look at your emotional patterns and empower yourself to make positive changes, elevating your energy vibration.
  • Nurturing your inner child, granting yourself the healing you need to feel complete,
  • Uncover the influence of family lineage patterns on your life and take steps to break free from their limitation.
  • Delve into past lives, gaining profound insights and a deeper understanding of yourself,
  • Connect with your spirit guides, receiving their wisdom and guidance on your journey.
  • Engage in chakra healing practices, unlocking the potential for personal growth and transformation.
  • and how to change your personal template… (…what’s that?!)

 But what about making money as a healer?

ABSOLUTELY! I’m glad you asked that! Making money from something that you’re passionate about is ideal. The WORLD NEEDS HEALERS, so in the program I have added some AMAZING BONUSES that will support you to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS AS A HEALER!

In the final sections of the program you’ll learn powerful COUNSELLING STRATEGIES to “HOLD SACRED SPACE” during sessions with your clients so that they feel safe to go more deeply into their healing needs. These strategies come from my Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling and Psychology, so they are effective!

But there’s more! I’ve also included the MARKETING TECHNIQUES that are from my BUSINESS ONLINE SUCCESS STRATEGIES! YES! You’ll gain the knowledge I use to market my own energy healing business!


You’ll think I’m crazy when I tell you this – and maybe I am. But I’m so dedicated to your financially success that I’m even including WORKBOOKS so you can START RUNNING WORKSHOPS AND EARN MONEY ON THE WEEKEND

➜ Chakra Healing COURSE WORKBOOK

➜ How to Talk to Your Spirit Guide COURSE WORKBOOK

➜ …. 

Even though you’ll gain aaaaaaall this knowledge the #1 Focus of the Program is to learn how to BECOME THE HEALER and FEEL EMPOWERED IN YOUR OWN HEALING JOURNEY. With a whole year’s access to our program, you’ll have ample time to reap the incredible benefits it offers. By combining the power of science, psychology and ancient wisdom, our program provides a holistic approach to healing and expanding consciousness.

Discover a multitude of proven modalities that cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing, our program has got you covered. from cutting-edge techniques to time-tested practices, we’ve carefully curated a diverse range of tools to help you understand an integrated approach to healing.

So, get ready to unlock your true potential and embark on a journey towards self-discover and growth. With our Integrated Healing Program by your side, the possibilities are endless. Start your healing journey today and let the power of integration guide you towards a better future.


what’s in the program?

Mindset Training

Discover the incredible power of your thoughts in shaping your reality, and restoring health and well-being.

Past Life Karma

Embrace the power within to release the shackles of past life karma and soar towards a future filled with limitless possibilities.

Intergenerational Trauma

Unveil and mend the intricate tapestry of your family lineage patterns. Embrace the power within you to heal, transform, and create a legacy of resilience and love.

Chakra Healing

Discover the timeless art of chakra healing and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and vitality for your mind, body, and spirit.

Inner Child Healing

Rediscover the magic within and mend the wounds of your inner child.

Raise Your Energy Vibration

Discover the empowering art of harnessing energies to elevate your energy vibration and pave the way for an extraordinary life.

Cutting Cords

Discover the transformative power of effective techniques to enhance your spiritual journey.

Spirit Guides

Discover powerful techniques that will forge a deep connection between you and your higher self, as well as your spirit guides.

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Integrated Healing

This fascinating program focuses on the root cause of the ailment, rather than just treating the symptoms, and aims to restore balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. It’s not a “watered down” practice like many others, and welcomes students who desire to go deep into a comprehensive healing system.

About YOU

You are a dedicated healer who is ready to transform your approach to healing with the Integrated Healing Program. You are seeking a program that is unlike other courses. You are hungry and craving for deeper knowledge! 

Our step-by-step progress will guide you through deepening your connection to source, trance state meditation, scanning your body, raising your energy vibration, chakra healing, inner child healing, healing past life karma, identifying energetic blockages, utilising various techniques to release tension and promote balance, and much more!

With the Integrated Healing Program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body connection and learn how to integrate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing practices into your daily life. Take the first step towards transformational healing today by enrolling in our program!

Worth it!

I highly recommend the Integrated Healing Program to anyone who is seeking to improve their health and overall well-being. It is a life-changing experience that will help you discover your true potential and unlock your inner healer. Joining this program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!” ~ Julie, Marketing, New York City

Truly Remarkable!

“Santosha’s dedication to helping people unlock their full potential shines through in every aspect of the program. The program not only focuses on healing techniques but also incorporates powerful mindset training that has the potential to transform not just individuals, but the entire world.” ~ Carey, Accountant in Missouri

My mind needed this

“The advantages of Santosha’s program is that it explores different healing modalities that have proven healing is possible. My mind needed that evidence to be able to make shifts in my life. Then she teaches you the practices, so it all comes together nicely!” ~ Bella, Reiki Master, Spain

The BEST way to contact me and sign-up for a course is to use the booking calendar below. Alternatively, send me a message on INSTAGRAM or through my PATREON COMMUNITY. Both are @healingtheplanetfromwithin

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