You have spiritual abilities and you want to learn how to deepen them and increase your confidence

12 Week Intuitive Healing Training

……for Lifestyle and Mindset Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Aspiring Healers and Helping Professionals who are ready to Deepen their Connection to Source.

➜ Have you always felt a calling to be a healer, but don’t know how to step into that role?

➜ Are you sensitive to people’s emotions, and know that you could help them if you had the know-how?

➜ Maybe you fear that your family or friends will call you crazy or simply don’t understand.

➜ Going against what you’re conditioned to think and do is not always easy.

➜ Following the gentle nudging of your Spirit Guides to step into the ancient knowledge of a Modern Mystic and become a Spiritual and INTUITIVE Healer is certainly different than the norm.

➜ We’re not used to working with things in the unseen. “It’s just your imagination” we’re told as children.  

➜ Yet, the imagination is the doorway to another reality! And you can tap into this to become a Spiritual Healer and co-create with the Divine Source.

➜ Co-creating is a soft surrendering into the Divine Feminine as you wield your Intentions with the elemental nature of reality itself.

This Spiritual and Intuitive Healing Training program will show you how to wield your natural intuitive and healing abilities and harness the power of the spiritual realms to heal yourself and others.

I call it the “Mysteries of a Modern Mystic”.

What does it mean to be a Modern Mystic?

A Modern Mystic is a heart-centred person who has stepped into their Spiritual and Intuitive Healing abilities and communicates with their Spirit Guides and Unseen Helpers to heal herself and her clients.

A Mystic usually receives a Spiritual Awakening that opens their psyche up to Divine Source. They suddenly know that there is more to this world that meets the eye. They then dedicate their life’s journey to Seeking this Hidden Knowledge. Through their journey their intuition awakens more and more, they learn how the energies work and how to perform healings, they reflect and observe their personal patterns and transmute the ones no longer needed.

Modern Mystics hunger for knowledge of how to flow and work with the Divine Source. They receive Divine Inspiration in moments of need. They talk to their Intuition when they have a question or require healing.

They are eager to forgive others for the hurt they caused, heal their wounds, let go of anger, overcome fear, and overall eliminate negative emotions and feelings in their life and physical body.

They seek ways to be free of the limitations of society and the human experience. And continue to pursue that everlasting void that calls them to surrender to Source and connect to something greater.

What is Mysticism?

I Googled and a dictionary definition told me this,

“A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.”

A Hindu definition of Mystic from the Collins Dictionary states,

“A mystic is a person who believes in religious practices in which people search for truth, knowledge, and unity with God through meditation and prayer.”

In the Oprah Magazine online they discuss what author Mirabai Starr says about mysticism. To briefly sum up: being a Mystic means that one transcends beliefs systems, lets go of the ego, turns inwards and experiences the divine, and has mystical experiences.

Mysticism is a Direct Experience with the Sacred Divine Source.

Mysticism is a deep dive and union with the Divine Source. A mystic flows with the Divine in a way that she wields intuitive knowledge and a deeper understanding of the meaning of existence.

A Mystic has the ability to tap into hidden truths, sees the sabotaging patterns of the Personal Template, has intuitive understanding of the meaning of existence, hidden truths and life’s problems. She has intuitive healing powers, talks to Spirit Guides and Unseen Helpers.

Please note: Mysticism is not connected to organised religions, nor is it Voodoo, Wicca, Paganism or Magick.

Mysticism is a practice that goes way back into ancient India times when Yogis would go into trance states and commune with other beings and other realities. They would go through energy awakening and clearing processes that would gift them with Siddhis (super powers) that are quite natural to this awakening process. Similar practices are seen in Shamanism around the world.

What is Spiritual and Intuitive Healing?

Spiritual and Intuitive healing is where the Goddess uses a meditative state to access consciousness to receive messages about the client’s energetic body and healing needs. The Goddess may feel drawn to use a range of modalities in the healing session as she is guided by Divine Source. She can recognise energetic blocks deeply rooted within the body that is causing the ailment.

With the Diamond Initiation the Goddess receives the opportunity to open more to the Divine Source power to continually evolve herself. She has the ability to activate and wield the healing energies of higher source, receive amazing insights and successfully manifest what her heart desires.

Modern Mystic, Psychic and Spiritual Intuitive Healer Certification

Humanity is awakening to an age of peace and celestial light. With the teachings of the Divine Source you’ll gain mastery to step into being a Light Worker, a Spiritual Healer and Intuitive Healer. In this complete 12 Week (3 month) program you will gain all the Foundational Sacred Knowledge you need to get started as a Healer and receive clients.

Most importantly, you will deepen your connection to Source.

The Divine Goddess is an archetype of energies of higher consciousness patterns of being in the world. The Path of the Modern Mystic fully embodies the Divine Goddess as a way of thriving in life to the point of consciously steering one’s life and healing self and others.

What will I learn in Modern Mystic Psychic and Spiritual Intuitive Healing Certification?

  • Module 1: Foundational practices that you’ll need to do the Sacred Healing processes later on in the course.
  • Module 2: You’ll learn how to go into Trance States where you’ll perform the healing.
  • Module 3: You’ll develop your psychic powers and intuitive abilities.
  • Module 4: Setting up a powerful healing space for your clients.
  • Module 5: How to receive messages from your Spirit Guides
  • Module 6: Learn about energy and how to feel into it.
  • Module 7: Learn how to heal and clear chakras.
  • Module 8: Develop the know-how to help yourself and others heal from the Trauma Bond and toxic relationships
  • Module 9: ShadowWork
  • Module 10: Explore different healing practices
  • Module 11: Intuitive healings and readings

PLUS! You can choose to become fully certified as a Reiki Master Teacher! (Discuss this with me on the call. Extra cost involved.)

PLUS you’ll receive BONUS MP3 MEDITATIONS that you can download and use forever!

PLUS You’ll also receive BONUS Mindset Development Worksheets!

People who are drawn to this type of work are usually:

  •  Coaches, Reiki Level 1 & 2 practitioners, Teachers, Hypnotherapists, Healers and Counsellors.
  • Empaths who are very sensitive to energies and get overwhelmed with other people energetic vibrations and emotions and take on anxiety and depression become of this.
  • Very sensitive people who take onboard other people’s thoughts and emotions as their own and can’t figure out why their energy is drained.
  • Big hearted towards animals and are drawn to caring for them in many aspects.

 How Mainstream Coaching is Limiting

The problem with mainstream coaching or counselling is that it does not acknowledge the unseen energies that is affecting a person. Indigenous cultures around the world known this as fact, but people nowadays are more likely to ignore this as “hogwash”.

Coaching or counselling attempt to change the thoughts or behaviours, but in fact, if a client has an entity haunting their family lineage the issue will certainly appear, albeit in other forms than it was in before. The client then returns for more counselling, sometimes with more pain or confusion, and the cycle continues. Effective change is difficult or next to impossible.

Many people who are Seekers of Spirituality are now aware that Western ways does its best to ignore the root cause of the problems and challenges. The scientific revolution may be to blame for this as they want tangible things to work with. The subconscious, invisible realms of energy and spirit is ignored; yet there lies the cause.

Becoming certified as a Spiritual and Intuitive Healer will show you how to go beyond the cognitive and mundane world, and into the realms of the unseen energies where the root cause is.

You will understand how thoughts and emotions affect the energetic vibrations of your physical body while easily learning how to steer them in a direction you want them to go. This is necessary foundational work to become a Spiritual Healer.

This work is the only way emotional healing, healing trauma and old wounds is possible.

“When emotions are expressed…all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of the vital feel-good, unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior.” ~ Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

In my book, “Healing the Planet from Within” I talk about the Personal Template and how everyone, in their childhood and through past experiences, develops a matrix of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, feelings and emotions. This Personal Template dictates how you live your life, what you think, how you feel in certain situation and how you react and behave.

Within this Personal Template also resides emotional patterns from your family lineage and past lifetimes. You might find yourself cycling through sabotaging patterns without knowing how to break free from them. In this Spiritual and Intuitive Healing Certification Course I teach you how these stuck emotions can get in the way of your ability to heal from old wounds, attract a positive partner, be successful in business, lowers our self-esteem and self-confidence and affect what we manifest and create in our lives.

The energetic vibration of the negative emotions literally becomes the physical body……

Luckily, there is a way to re-program the Personal Template and change what is no longer serving you. During your Spiritual and Intuitive Training you’ll learn how to release and transmute stuck energies in the body.

Stuck emotions and limiting core beliefs can be changed instantly when you work in the energy fields. Old traumas can be healed. That’s how Shamans and Yogis perform healings.

Helping a Loved One after They’ve Passed Away


My Dad came out of a 5-way bypass two weeks prior to the phone call I received from my Mom. She said Dad lost consciousness and the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. They were doing tests.

Immediately I wanted to know what was going on and shifted into a trance state and there I found my Dad’s Soul swooping down trying to get back into his body. He was really in a panic because he didn’t want to leave my Mom. My Spirit Helpers took us directly to look at his brain and showed him that it was a grey mass without life. He then understood what had happened and I directed him to the Light where I saw his Mother and Father waiting for him.

I knew what the results would be from the hospital. The next day my Mom called me and gave me the news that Dad has passed away.

It’s a Natural Skill that Everyone Can Learn

Is it possible to learn how to do intuitive readings, communicate with my Spirit Guides and Helpers, clear the energies in a room or a person, and change the energetic matrix of the human body?

How long does that take?

Is it a lot of work?

Honestly, it does take some practice to get into the swing of the foundational techniques.

But you don’t have to worry much about that because I’ve done the hard work for you already. It took me years to develop this practice.

You can learn how to do all these things in one complete program that gives you a certificate in Spiritual and Intuitive Healing Training.

All healing and manifestation is governed by your Personal Template and once you can tap into that with the techniques from this course you’ll be able to change old patterns quickly and permanently for both yourself and your clients. You can perform healings. You can transform your life in an instant.

You will step into being an empowered Spiritual and Intuitive Coaching and Healing with this Training.

My goal is to Gift you with the Knowledge and Experience so you can use the Practices from this Program in your Personal and Professional Life; to be more effective in everything you do.

Enrich your healing skills, coaching or counselling by adding a skill that goes deep into working with the energetic blueprint behind all stagnation and ailments.

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Hi, My name is Santosha.

This is my personal invitation for you to join my Sacred Modern Mystic Online Course, Spiritual Intuitive Healing Certification.

Because you answered “YES” to a question above, then I know you have the right MINDSET to JOIN THIS COURSE.

You are dedicated to learning all you can to change your life for the good.

What’s more is that you have overflowing passion to gain new skills and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE  ….  Healing the Planet from Within

Mysteries of a Modern Mystic

How Do You Know if this Course is for You?

The Mysteries of a Modern Mystic  Academy Spiritual & Intuitive Healing Training is for people who are seeking mystic ways to positively change their life , deepen their connection to Source Energy and become a healer for others!


You want to learn Chakra Clearing

You are interested in learning personal development techniques to improve your life.

You're a Reiki practitioner or Yoga instructor who wants to expand their knowledge.

You have an open mind to learn new things, in mystics!

You want to be happier and more satisfied.

Imagine if…..everyone on the planet…. 

….was dedicated to positively changing their life.



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