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Psychotherapy is part of our Natural Therapies system that is aimed at healing physical illness and disease.

In the AM (Ananda Marga) Health Retreat and Training we learned how to detox the physical body with graduated fasting. However, some clients were not healing as fast as others. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotions are an integral part of health and healing. TCM considers that when emotions are suppressed or excessive they become pathological and cause illness and disease.

Psychotherapy, otherwise known as ‚ÄúTalk Therapy‚ÄĚ, is a foundation of counselling and psychology theories. Using psychotherapy to heal illness and disease occurs through open and in-depth communication. Hence, we use words as the form of healing through reflections, clarification, insights and by linking concepts and ideas.

We talk about:

  • what you are experiencing from many different angles.
  • your thoughts and the thought patterns that occur on a regular basis.
  • your attitudes on certain subjects,
  • we discuss your feelings and emotions.
  • core beliefs and where they originate.
  • the past and possible futures.
  • your day-to-day experiences,
  • where you are going in life,
  • how satisfied you feel,
  • and life-changing decisions.

Healing the body with Psychotherapy

During a detox process, you can assist the body to get rid of illness and disease by learning about the ‚Äústuck feelings‚ÄĚ that are causing the disharmony.

We do this in sessions by using words to describe the feelings or sensations in the body. For instance, we might talk to the body by using drawings, poems, meditation, laughing or mantras to understand what it is trying to tell you.  We might focus on the whole body, or just on the dis-eased body part(s).

Through this process you gain insight and clarity about the stuck energy and what it is made of such as particular thoughts, beliefs, thoughts and/or feelings and emotions. Next, we look at the benefits for keeping these where they are and/or releasing or transforming them.

The transformation process can be completed through a variety of techniques such as: drawings, poems, meditation, talking, mantras, chanting, physical movement or even letter writing.