Reiki Symbols can be used to ACTIVATE a protective shield on your travel and holidays. My first Reiki Master taught us this back in 1996, and how she saved her son’s life from a major car accident by following her intuition and did Reiki Symbols over his car before he went on his trip. Here’s how you can use Reiki Symbols to protect your journey. 

As you prepare for your upcoming road trip, consider incorporating the ancient wisdom of Reiki to infuse your journey with divine protection and blessings. The Reiki symbols, when activated with intention, can create a energetic field of safety and ease around your vehicle, guiding you smoothly to your destination.

Begin by visualizing a large Cho Ku Rei, the power symbol of Reiki, hovering above your car. See it glowing with a brilliant, white light – the light of the divine. Slowly draw this symbol in the air in front of your car, allowing the energy to cascade down and envelop the entire vehicle. Feel the Cho Ku Rei’s potent vibration pulsing outward, creating a shield of sacred light.

Next, draw the next two Reiki Level 2 Symbols, the harmony and long distance symbol, on the hood of your car. Imagine this symbol expanding to cover the entire surface, imbuing your vehicle with a sense of calm and equanimity. As you prepare to depart, take a moment to visualize the road ahead, see it bathed in Reiki’s peaceful energy.

Finally, call upon the master symbol, to infuse your entire journey with the highest divine light and protection. Imagine this symbol radiating from the core of your car, extending outward to create a luminous bubble around you. Feel the powerful vibration permeating every inch of your vehicle, your passengers, and the road itself.

With the Reiki symbols activated and your intention set, you can now embark on your road trip with the confidence that you are surrounded by divine grace. Trust that the Reiki energy will guide and protect you every mile of the way, until you arrive safely at your destination, feeling rejuvenated and blessed by the journey.