With the POWER OF REIKI SYMBOLS it’s easier to heal your heart.

Heartache can feel debilitating, leaving us feeling lost, empty, and disconnected from ourselves. But know this – you have the innate ability to heal your heart and restore your well-being. The ancient practice of Reiki offers profound wisdom and energetic tools to guide you through heartbreak and back to wholeness.

Reiki symbols are especially potent for matters of the heart. By intentionally working with these sacred symbols, you can release the grip of pain, sorrow, and anguish. You can find solace, self-love, and the courage to open your heart again.

The 2nd Reiki Level 2 Symbol is a powerful ally in times of heartache because it works specificially our feelings and emotions. Visualize this symbol radiating from your chest, infusing your heart with healing light. Feel it dissolving blockages and restoring balance to your emotional body. Take your time with the visualisation and let it flow. 

The Distance Reiki Symbol can also be tremendously helpful. Use it to send Reiki healing across time and space, embracing your heart with unconditional love – even from your past self to your present self. I’ve done this numerous times to my younger self and even to incidences of relationship break-ups.

With patience and presence, allow the Reiki energies to wash over you. Let go of expectations and trust the process. In time, you will feel your heart begin to open, to soften, to heal.

Remember, you are not alone in your journey. The wisdom of Reiki is here to guide you back to self-love, inner peace, and the joy of living with an open, healthy heart. Embrace this profound healing path and watch as you blossom into your most vibrant, whole self.