Our feelings and emotions have a powerful impact on our physical health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and German New Medicine both recognize the strong connection between our emotional well-being and our body’s health. Watch the videos in our Patreon Community

In TCM, it is believed that emotions such as anger, worry, fear, sadness, and joy directly affect different organs in the body. For example, excessive anger can negatively impact the liver, while worry can weaken the spleen. Similarly, German New Medicine suggests that unresolved emotional conflicts can manifest as physical symptoms in specific areas of the body.

To heal our bodies by observing our feelings and emotions, we can start by becoming more aware of how different emotions affect us. Mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and journaling can help us better understand our emotional patterns.

By addressing and processing our emotions in a healthy way can also prevent them from manifesting as physical ailments. It’s not always easy to do this though – and here’s why…

We have habitual patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are, at first, difficult to change. We’re used to responding this way or that way that it becomes automatic, and almost addictive.

Hence, it’s important to first focus on raising our energy vibration because this increases our ability to see the patterns with more clarity and insights.

To get ideas on how to raise your energy vibration I recommend getting a special notebook and then binge watch my YouTube channel – writing down the knowledge and insights. https://YouTube.com/healingtheplanetfromwithin

It’s important to remember that healing is a holistic process that involves caring for our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. By nurturing our emotional health, we can support overall wellness and vitality in both mind and body. Doing this we’re not only improving our lives and raising our energy vibration, but we’re also working towards HEALING THE PLANET FROM WITHIN – which is the name of the website you’re currently on. 🙂

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