Meditation is an amazing tool to look at yourself in truth and discover the habits and patterns of the mind and then delve more deeply into the void of the inner self. I use meditation and reflection practically every day to steer my life in the direction I want it to go. It’s the reason why you’re reading these words right now. This website wouldn’t have been built or inspired without my regular meditation and reflective practice.

How to Meditate for Self Improvement

Any level of personal development and self improvement starts with choosing the goal in mind. In fact, it was just this week I was reflecting in the park and just sitting in quiet contemplation when I was drawn to studying the chess board embedded in stone on the table in front of me. My inner guide told me to envision each square as a STEP towards my goal and the life I wanted to create. I stared at that chess board trying to put my steps in the squares and to imagine how they would line up to my final goal, but it was very challenging. I couldn’t figure it out! That’s when my inner guide reminded me that if I became clearer on the goal then the steps would come easily.

STEP ONE: So, before you sit down to a meditation practice for self-improvement take some time to reflect on the details of want you want life life. Do you want health? Healing? Work? Career advancement? Romance? And then imagine your GOAL in your life – exactly as you want. If you can’t imagine it in detail – then you need to take some time to decide on the details. It helps to get a pen and lots of paper and do a brainstorm or mindmap. I do this with clients in life coaching and personal development coaching sessions and it really helps.

STEP TWO: Now that you have a clear goal in mind write it in paragraph form of under 250 words. Write it in the present tense  such great detail such as, “My physical eyes are in perfect health. My eyes can see clearly without needing glasses. My eyes are no longer sore and are restored to original health.”  OR “I am loving my new job! I am making the amount of money I wanted to make – $4,000 US per month. AND, I have the freedom to set my own schedule. I don’t have to work all day with people and have solitude time to really get focused on my work.” Of course, in a personal development coaching session we go through the fine details of what you want to create – together. Sometimes it’s easier tto create when you have a holistic and complete perspective that’s outside of your normal belief system.

STEP THREE: Write down the details of your chosen goal. Yes, the more details the better. I suggest brainstorming the following areas:

  • How does your environment affect you – in relation to the topic?
  • How does your family affect you – in relation to the topic?
  • How does your job affect you – in relation to the topic?
  • How does money affect you – in relation to the topic of change?
  • What beliefs do you currently hold about that topic of change?
  • What emotions are you feeling about that topic of change?

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Take time to explore the questions and write down your answers in as much detail as you can. And then put the piece of paper/notebook down for a few days.Then in a few days time read what you wrote down and then write down MORE that comes to mind.

Once you feel that you’ve explored the topic in detail choose 5 different ways in which you can make changes to it.


How to Meditate for Self-Improvement

Put aside the time to meditate specifically on this topic of change.

In your meditation imagine the topic fully in all its complexities and observe it in its current state. Then, imagine how it changes as you add the 5 ways of change to your imagining. Continue to sit in your state of meditation and observe the changes. Fully realise that through this meditation process you’re seeing changes within yourself and your reality. Take note especially how the changes FEEL, SOUND, and SMELL in your life. Really try to deepen the visualisation with your senses.


In the following days and weeks keep a notebook of the changes you’re seeing in your life. Make sure you’re writing in it the exact moment you’re seeing the change.

Please note: This process can take a few days, weeks or even months. It’s important that you’re able to visualise the complexities in detail so don’t skip the Write it down stage.

This is one of the most amazing techniques for personal development and self-improvement. All it takes is a bit of dedicated time and focus.