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Goal Setting

Choose your goals and be mindful of each step as you work towards it. Work with me to maintain a dedicated mindful focus to achieving your goals.

Relationship Coaching

In relationship coaching we become mindful of the habitual patterns that continue a sabotaging cycle. Once you can see these patterns you can choose ways to positively change them improving your relationship with self or others.

Stress Management

The first step in stress management is to become mindful of what’s causing the stress and then put in place techniques to minimise the stress and create a more balanced lifestyle. 

Expanding Consciousness

Being more mindful every day is the only way to expand consciousness. Dive into one of my coaching and you’ll see exactly how this works.

Helping You Expand Consciousness with Mindfulness Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Shift Your Life into a Higher Gear, and Want a Boost?

For years I’ve been expanding my consciousness and the first place to start is with Mindfulness. In these Mindfulness Coaching sessions you’ll learn valuable techniques and motivational tools to step into full power in the now. You’re going to love this juicy good innerwork, so I invite you to connect with me. Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes. Bring to mind these coaching sessions and feel into it. If you’re getting a warm, expansive feeling…. let’s get started!

What Is Mindfulness Coaching?

Getting to know yourself better.

In Mindfulness Coaching we dive into the juicy goodness of who you are and where you want to go. 

Learn to de-stress and revitalise

Mindfulness Coaching is ideal if you’re getting caught up in stress that you seemingly can’t shake.

Reveal your life's purpose.

If you’re starting to crave a deeper meaning to life than Mindfulness Coaching will help to reveal your life’s purpose and how to achieve it.

Develop your intuition

In Mindfulness Coaching you become more acutely aware of your higher self and the messages

How Do I know If this Coaching is Right For Me?

Put one hand on your heart and close your eyes. Bring to mind these coaching sessions and sit for 5-10 minutes quietly. If you feel a warm, expansive feeling…. one that makes you buzz with joy and excitement… or perhaps a warm feeling of love… or even an uplifting vibe of joy….. well, then get in contact with me and let’s get started! You’re higher self speaks in feeling… so if you feel goodness… let’s go!

It's easy

My coaching style is not complicated or filled with layers of expectations. I work with you as you present yourself to the universe and we start there.

Change as you Desire

Do you desire change? Changes in coaching often shift your life into a higher gear. But the change is up to you… you choose what you want to change and when.

Getting rid of Sabotaging Patterns

If you’re noticing sabotaging patterns in your life that are hindering you from making positive changes then these life coaching sessions are perfect for you. I’ll reveal the patterns and give you tools and techniques to change them. We’ll work deeply with your core beliefs. 

Add positivity to your days

Each MIndfulness Coaching session has an added bonus of positivity. You’ll find yourself uplifted, inspired and motivated after each session. And you’ll even receive easy to use positivity activations so you can always tap into that uplifting vibe!

Peace of mind

For peace of mind please read our Privacy Policy here and read this page about our Consultation Agreement here

My Approach

I consider myself authentic and welcoming because every day I am actively involved with the same personal development tools and techniques I use with my clients. I’m 110% dedicated and focused to expanding my own consciousness and dive into new inner journeys when guided. I’ve developed a keen sense of feeling in the energetic matrix to determine the patterns that are beneficial or sabotaging. 

When you come to me for coaching I welcome you as you are. 


If I didn’t invite you to these sessions with an open heart for exploring your Personal Template for Living with a unique perspective, well, then we’d be working within the matrix. And that would defeat the purpose.

The underlying assumption of my private sessions is that you are you, and you are unique.

You come to sessions with a matrix of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, judgements and feelings that you have spent years developing, and there’s nothing like this creation in the whole world.

How It Works

Contact me to discuss your needs

Contact me to discuss 5 things that you want to change or improve in your life. Through a few emails we will explore how many sessions and the focus of the sessions.


Choose a Coaching Plan

After our emails we may have chosen the focus and the amount of sessions you’ll need, or I’ll send you a list of three different choices for packages that I’ll recommend. Once you’ve chosen you’ll make payment and then we’ll get started.

Reach Your Goals

We’ll keep a record of your goals and the steps you’ve used to achieve them. After all, it’s fun to look back and see how much you’ve grown.

Still Have Questions?