The purpose of living is to expand consciousness, so it doesn’t surprise me that people are asking about how to expand their consciousness nowadays. You’re here because you’d like to know how to expand your consciousness through meditation practices.

I’d love to share with you how this works.

When I experienced my first awakening in 1985 no one was aware of the idea of consciousness or energies or anything other than the mundane world. No one I knew was doing meditation, meridian cleansing or energy exercises either. In my realm of existence it was considered “the devils’ work”.

Consciousness didn’t exist much then and s people’s thought energies were stuck in a box, in a limited way of thinking. When someone thought or did something that was different than the norm everyone was very critical and judgemental. We can still see this in society today, but people’s minds are opening up.

Why? Why are people seeking consciousness?

…. because they are tired of the struggles and misery of life.

Resonates, doesn’t it?

Benefits of Expanding Consciousness

If you do a search for the benefits on social media you’ll see that websites are mostly saying that the benefits of expanding consciousness is:

  • Break free from limiting patterns.
  • Cultivate healthier relationships.
  • Reducing stress levels.
  • Enhancing mental health.

This list of benefits can be seen on almost anything that improves our lives such as meditation, yoga, counselling, and exercises. Hence, this list is still limited by the mundane mind way of thinking.

To expand consciousness we’ll need to go beyond.

Imagine yourself seated on a front porch that overlooks a field of grass. You’ve walked through this green field many times before, appreciating the warm breeze, bird sounds, and gentle sunlight. It is an ordinary day with ordinary sights, smells, and feelings.

Now look to your left.

There’s a doorway there. 

How to Expand Your Consciousness through Meditation

Yes, the familiar ways of thinking, seeing and feeling are all from the mundane mind. In order to expand consciousness we choose a different path, a different way of doing and thinking. Let me give you an example from my own personal life.

In the past couple of days I’ve been using meditation to rewrite energetic patterns that have been dictating the way I live my life. I’m tired of the limited reality, and so I’m creating new energies that will change my life – in the way that I want. 

So, we’re never stuck in life. We’re never stuck in old patterns.

We always have a choice.

Okay, so when I’m doing my meditation I activate HIGHER ENERGIES in the form of positive feelings such as love, peace and joy. When these are successfully activated in my mind my body starts to feel bliss.

The FEELING OF BLISS IS THE KEY ELEMENT! Why? Well, bliss is a higher vibration feeling and hence it raises our energy vibration when we “activate” it. Once you’re in a higher vibration your consciousness naturally expands.

Yes, that’s right. It’s really that simple.

Sit in meditation and raise your energy vibration. This is how to expand your consciousness through meditation. The only way to know this for yourself is to practice meditation every day.

But don’t practice with a frown on your face, eh. That’s not a high vibe meditation. It’s necessary to BE in a high vibe feelings – peace, love, joy, and bliss – these are a good place to start.

Eventually the high vibes all blend together so much that all we’ll feel is the God Source Energy. Now that’s the ultimate feeling!