A few months ago, someone mentioned to me some videos about Reiki in which Christians had concerns about the practice. This piqued my curiosity, and I decided to investigate the matter further. As I delved into it, I discovered that there was a lot of misunderstanding surrounding Reiki, mainly because people only had access to a watered-down version of Reiki.

It was unfortunate to see how misconceptions can arise when we only have limited information about something. 

Reiki is a healing technique that originated centuries ago as a path to enlightenment. As one practices the energy exercises and working with the symbols we learn how the higehr vibrations feel in the body one naturally starts to heal oneself.

While some Christians expressed concerns about Reiki, it’s important to note that the practice itself is not inherently religious. It does not require any specific beliefs or affiliations. Instead, it focuses on the universal flow of energy and its potential to support healing and balance.

Why Do Some Christians Fear Reiki?

  • For some Christians, their concerns about Reiki may stem from their understanding of their faith and teachings. Christianity places a strong emphasis on the belief in one God and the power of prayer. Some Christians may view practices like Reiki as potentially conflicting with these beliefs, as they perceive it as seeking healing or guidance from sources other than God.
  • Another reason for fear or discomfort towards Reiki among Christians could be the association with Eastern spirituality and the concept of energy healing. Some Christians may feel that these practices are rooted in non-Christian religions or New Age beliefs, which they may view as incompatible with their own faith.
  • Additionally, the lack of scientific evidence supporting Reiki as a valid form of healing can contribute to skepticism among some Christians. They may prefer to rely on more traditional medical practices that have been scientifically proven and align with their religious beliefs.

I believe that it’s crucial for us to approach topics with an open mind and seek accurate information before forming judgments. By gaining a deeper understanding of practices like Reiki, we can appreciate their potential benefits and dispel any misconceptions that may exist.

The YouTube videos I came across discussed Christians who believed that Reiki had a demonic essence. As someone who has been a Reiki Master for 25 years, I have never personally encountered such a negative experience with Reiki. This led me to ponder why there might be such a discrepancy in perceptions. From my understanding, when we engage with energies that stem from a lower vibrational level, such as those influenced by our ego, we tend to attract similar lower energies. However, authentic Reiki practice encourages us to elevate our energy vibration first. Therefore, based on my observations, I concluded that those who perceived Reiki negatively may not have fully embraced or understood the complete practice.

It is important to note that not all Christians hold negative views towards Reiki. Many Christians are open to exploring alternative healing methods while maintaining their faith. They may see Reiki as a complementary practice that can be integrated into their overall health and spiritual journey.

In conclusion, my exploration into Reiki revealed that many Christians had misunderstood the practice due to limited exposure. This reminds us of the importance of seeking accurate information and keeping an open mind when encountering new ideas or practices.