When I underwent my second attunement to become a Reiki Master, I was introduced to Usui’s energy exercises, which bore resemblance to what I had previously learned in Chi Gong and Tai Chi. The historical accounts from Usui’s students in Japan, stating that he was a highly regarded martial artist, now made perfect sense. Regrettably, many individuals are only familiar with a diluted version of Reiki and are unaware of how to effectively harness the energies to release blockages within their own bodies, clear negative energies from a room, or raise their energy vibration.

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According to the teachings of Suzuki San, Usui Mikao, the founder of Reiki, had a diverse background in martial arts and spiritual practices. As a child, he studied Aiki Jutsu, a Japanese martial art focused on blending with and redirecting an opponent’s energy. This early exposure to the principles of energy manipulation likely laid the foundation for his later exploration of healing practices.

Later in life, Usui Sensei also studied Daito Ryu, a traditional Japanese martial art known for its rigorous training methods and emphasis on developing internal energy. Through his training in Daito Ryu, Usui Sensei gained further insights into the movement and flow of energy within the body.

Additionally, Usui Sensei achieved Menkyo Kaiden in both Aiki Jutsu and Daito Ryu. Menkyo Kaiden is a high level of mastery and recognition in martial arts, often indicating that one has attained deep knowledge and understanding of the art form.

All these experiences and accomplishments in martial arts contributed to Usui Sensei’s unique perspective on energy healing. His studies provided him with an understanding of how energy flows within the body and how it can be manipulated for various purposes. This knowledge became foundational to his development of Reiki.

In Reiki, Usui Sensei utilized his understanding of energy to create a system of healing that involves channeling universal life force energy through his hands into a recipient’s body.

This energy is believed to promote relaxation, balance, and overall well-being. By combining his martial arts background with spiritual insights gained through his own personal journey, Usui Sensei was able to develop a powerful and effective healing practice that continues to be widely practiced today.

In conclusion, it is important to acknowledge the martial arts origins of Reiki, as it involves working with energies. Through this practice, individuals naturally develop the ability to heal. We express our utmost gratitude to Sensei Usui for imparting this valuable technique.