When I completed my Emotion Code Certificate, feeling a sense of accomplishment, I soon realized that to truly make a lasting impact, I needed to explore further and delve into the depths of energy healing. It was then that a friend graciously provided me with access to her notes on the Body Code.

It was quite interesting to delve into the different “stuck” energies a person could have in their body such as pathogens, toxins, imbalances in energy circuits and so on. The course also drew upon knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the different pressure points in the body that are related to our organs.

This was particularly helpful for me at the time because I had pain in my right knee, and so when I looked up the information about “pain in the right knee” I could see that it was related to my Gallbladder.

Then, I used my knowledge from my Emotion Code training and released the trapped emotions from my Gallbladder and my knee hasn’t been sore since (this is a few years ago now!). This is when I realised I needed to make an easy reference chart for this points, so to the right you’ll see this Body Code Chart.

How to use the Body Code Chart for Test Points:

  1. Download the Body Code Chart by right-clicking and saving it to your computer’s “healing” folder.
  2. When you or someone else has a sore location on their body, consult the Body Code Chart for Test Points to determine which organ is struggling.
  3. The stored emotions can then be identified by muscle testing or immediately tuning into the energy vibration.
  4. Use a way you’re comfortable with to release the trapped emotions, such as the familiar swiping from Emotion Code, your intentions, or tapping.
  5. Observe if the aching spot has lessened.

Complete Body Code Chart

Then, I continued investigating Body Code and releasing core beliefs, pathogens, toxins, residues, and anything else from my body, but it wasn’t simple because the system is overly complicated.

This prompted me to create a second chart that provides simple access to the list of recommended testing and releasing complexities. The task was far too extensive, so I ended up creating a simple list in a Word document that I could use to determine (1) which page to visit, (2) which section of the page, and (3) which energy was trapped. This turned into a four page pdf document.

Here you can see the first page of the document to get an idea of what I did, but I would encourage you to make one yourself because the process of creation will deepen your knowledge of Body Code. And you’ll likely make a more efficient Body Code Chart than the one I made too!

Showing the Energy Healing Charts with Clients in Sessions

One other little tip, is that when I’m doing an energy healing with a client I actually do a screen share of the chart I’m working on. That way the client feels more involved in the process, rather than just watching me muscle test, tune into the energies and swipe my head. It’s more interactive for them to see the different charts. Oh!, by the way, I made quite a few charts that I’m working with including one for other forms of trapped energy.

Other Forms of Trapped Energy:

As I continued my studies of Body Code, I was astounded to discover that one aspect of this healing method had similar practices to Shamanic Healers delving into saboteurs, curses, and vows. Yet, the practitioners are not trained in this level of dark energies and dark magic and so they’re coming across problems and sudden awakenings.

When we focus on identifying the toxic energies that others might carry, it is crucial to have a daily higher vibrational practice. Without such a practice, we run the risk of absorbing negative energies like a sponge. This becomes particularly challenging for individuals who embark on Body Code without proper training in maintaining their overall energetic higher core essence. It is essential to prioritize self-care and seek guidance to ensure a balanced and harmonious energetic journey.

Desire to Teach Healers Turned into a Course

Since becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I have continued to expand my understanding of energy healing through research, experimentation, and direct experience with the various healing modalities. I also relocated to India, where spirituality and remedial knowledge are at their most profound. I’ve been able to access the energetic vibration of Divine Source energy and have been guided to create a more comprehensive program for training energy healers in a more comprehensive system.

Finally, after months of working with the Divine the Integrated Healing Program has been released. Dedicated energy healers are encouraged to apply to join this comprehensive program and the growing online community of dedicated people who are eager to go more deeply into their own healing, personal development, self-improvement and spiritual growth.

P.S. In the program you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about healing including:

  • Releasing Negative Energy from Your Chakras
  • How to Raise Your Energy Vibration
  • How to Get Unstuck from Toxic Patterns
  • How to Stop Negative Thinking
  • Communication with Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides
  • Psychic Shielding
  • Tuning into Energies
  • Discerning dark ones from Higher Beings

In conclusion, my journey of learning Emotion Code and Body Code has been an exhilarating process that started me wandering down a rabbit of hole of unlimited discoveries and potentials!

Ah, to note: this journey started in 1985 with my first awakening and has been evolving since… but WOW, what EC did for me that year… well, I’m sure many feel the same!

Many blessings for your journey, life and healing practice!