If you’ve been reading my blogs and following me on INSTAGRAM  or watching my YOUTUBE CHANNEL evolve you would know that I’m a big fan of Activating Positivity. Get Jiggity with Positivity!, right?


This past year I was gifted with the White Tiger of Peace by a floating city in the astral realm above Earth. When I was gifted this White Tiger I was tested. What would I do with it? I felt an immense amount of peace that expanded to every molecule of my physical body, every moment in which I exist, and in every nook and cranny of the matrix in which I currently reside as a human being. I sat for a moment with this deep realisation with tears running down my cheeks. It felt so good I wanted everyone and everything on the planet to feel this energy vibration.

Since then I have imagined myself walking down the street with an impressive, magnificent White Tiger walking next to me. Together we walk emanating peace.

This week I had another amazing insight that really blew my mind.

A mantra I use during meditation is,

I am Powerful.

I am Eternal

I am Unlimited

And then it extends to:

I am Infinite

I am One

I Am

And that extends to:

I am one with everything. And I visualise myself as someone else…..


As I was walking down the street with the White Tiger one day I had this realisation that if I am one with everything and everyone…. then they are me… and if I’m walking with the White Tiger of Peace then so are they!

So, now, during my walks everyone I see had this impressive, magnificent White Tiger of Peace walking next to them.


Can you imagine the feeeeeeling this brings??

I hold this vision all the time in the matrix of my being, and in the matrix of this world.

I’m very grateful for this gift of the White Tiger of Peace.

I invite you to join me in this visualisation so that together we hold this energetic vibe of PEACE with such a deep intent that we are Healing the Planet from Within.

WALK WITH THE TIGER OF PEACE in your every moment.