Often times the mind can get caught into the poor me, pity me, why me scenario. It’s easy to do. You might come across a difficult situation in life such as losing your job or not knowing when you’ll get the next job. It’s easy to slip into negativity.

But be careful not to push yourself into a fake form of positivity.

How NOT to Activate Positivity

I know a guy who takes this into extremes though. When he says something it sounds too good to be true. He says things like, “It’s only 30 minutes away” when it’s obviously 1 hour away. He speaks ONLY in the positive… but waaaaaay over the edge to make everything sound like it’s amazing or he’s amazing or what he’s telling you is amazing. Over time I’ve watched how he loses credibility through this because what he says is not true – and people notice. It’s like he’s a compulsive liar with good intentions to make you feel good.

That’s NOT POSITIVITY. That’s just pretending to be. You see, this guy, he has had a hard time in life. He’s had his heart broken, his family pushed away, and he’s really trying to fit in. He heard through someone or something that’s it a good thing to be positive.


That’s just trying to be positive when it’s not factual.

When you activate positivity it’s important that you FEEL it within your heart, mind, body and soul. You’re ENTIRE BEING SHOULD FEEL that POSITIVITY vibe.

For example, yesterday I activate positivity in the form of gratitude. I brought to memory the times when I was surprised by Australian animals in the bush. There were a few different times as I travelled around Australia in my van. The first time that came to mind was the Bandicoot when it appeared as the sunset to eat my fallen fish and chips. It made a noise first as it approached…. which made be scramble to see what it was… then to find my torch so I could see it in the dark. I’m grinning now as I write this memory. Another time that came to mind was when a young Cassowary ran out of the bush to eat the chicken I was throwing away. I was camping in a National Park and the young fella seemed to think I was throwing food in his home. It gave me such a shock to see this massive bird run towards me with excitement. I lept back into my van and observed from a distance. The young bird wasn’t interested in me at all – he just wanted a feed. I then threw out more chicken to get another thrill of this massive bird. Oh the delight! We both settled down then – him a few metres away in the bush – and me on my camping chair. We just sat together there in the bush.

You see? Those fond memories come up for me and I feel such deep gratitude. I can feel it through my entire being and it even brings a smile to my face.

THAT FEELING of GRATITUDE… of POSITIVITY changes the energetic vibrations throughout my entire body. In turn this feeling activates feelings of hope and joy and love. Activating positivity has a rippling effect.