There’s an awakening happening in your life right now. Do you feel it?

You might feel tingling sensations in your third eye.

Perhaps you’ve felt the skull of your head widening.

Some people feel the wisdom of the heart mind expanding.

Maybe you’re being drawn to meditation and yoga classes.

You might even feel compelled to detox the body.

Perhaps you feel a warming of your heart centre, or third eye.

There are many types of physical, emotional and spiritual changes you’re going through. Some of them you might feel as obvious, while others are more subtle.

But all of them…. ALL OF THEM… you get a knowing inside of you…. you get a confirmation from deep inside of you….

…. that INNER KNOWING… that something happening.

For me it felt/feels like a pulling, an urge, a magnetic surge drawing me closer and closer… to something my mundane mind doesn’t understand, yet I can feel it in my heart… in the INNER KNOWING.

YES, this is the awakening.

If you try to figure it out with your normal everyday mind you’ll feel a bit confused, perhaps disoriented.

But if you feel it inside of you, in your heart centre, then you’ll start to feel the natural flow of the universal energies and where they are guiding you.

Do you feel it?

The Awakening

Expanding Your Consciousness

It feels great – doesn’t it.