This moment is new.

It’s now.

The only time you don’t feel at peace with life is if you’re thoughts are in the past or future. If you bring all your awareness into the now moment you feel peaceful.

It’s automatic.

So, rather than feeling stress, anxiety, depression or any of the other forms of negativity you can choose to activate positivity in the form of peace and serenity. It’s easy to do!

How to Feel Peaceful healing the planet from within blog

Take 5-20 minutes each day to feel the feeling of peace.

Make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down. Put the tip of your pointer finger together with the tip of your thumb on both hands. This is a called the Gyan Mudra and naturally makes you feel peaceful. The benefits of this MUDRA are improving concentration, reduces stress and depression, and helps one feel at peace so you can sleep better. It is a helpful tool for this meditation.

Next, imagine yourself in your favourite place. Perhaps that’s swinging in a hammock by the beach or sitting on a picnic table near the lack. Imagine yourself there feeling safe and serene.

Feel that feeling of peace in your heart centre, and imagine its a ball of light that’s growing there. Choose whatever colour you feel is peaceful. I usually use light blue with hues of light pink. These colours make me feel peace and love. Imagine that ball of peaceful light growing until it surrounds you. So, now you are sitting in a ball of light that is deeply peaceful.

Continue to hold the tip of your pointer finger together with the tip of your thumb on both hands. Continue to imagine sitting inside a ball of peace. Do this for 5-20 minutes each day.

There are many health and well-being benefits of activating the different forms of positivity. The key tip is to increase your positivity ratio higher than your negativity on a daily basis. This meditation for how to feel peaceful is an tool not only for personal development and spiritual development, but also for expanding consciousness.

Can you imagine that if everyone on the planet did this meditation for 5-20 minutes each day how it would be an added bonus for healing the planet from within?