Why should we unplug from the matrix?

This morning I went with a wise elder (white man) to his favourite office – the local coffee shop. 🙂

We were discussing the days morning events which involved the neighbours dogs getting into his chickens – and then the neighbours (white man) beat the dogs. The dogs were scolded after they were removed from the chickens and therefore would not understand the reason why the beating. We didn’t agree with the beating.

And then we launched into a deeper conversation.

I asked him, “If Ramtha says we are all God – that we are all LOVE and JOY – how can we judge others for their harshness?”

  • How could I judge others for their racism of me?
  • How could we judge a husband for beating his wife?
  • How could we judge a man returning to his unhappy marriage repeatedly?

You see, in personal development it is known that everyone acts from their PERSONAL TEMPLATE automatically – this is the programming they are given from societal influences during their childhood and through experiences. Everyone has this system of thoughts and beliefs that they are ruled by – because they believe these are truths. Sure, to some of us these seem harsh – but when you realise these are programmings (a system of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and attitudes) the person is stuck in you tend to have empathy for them – to be stuck in such a negative (it is only a belief to think something is negative) pattern would be a hard thing to life with.

Suddenly it clicked for me!

It’s one of the hottest topics.

Unplug from the Matrix!” people say. The new age industry is filled with empowerment programs which focus on helping people unplug their beliefs, feelings, emotions and thoughts from what has been named as a MATRIX controlling your life.

But this wise old man says…..

“If you want to unplug from the matrix… if you say that… then you believe you are plugged in… with that belief strongly intact you will remain plugged.”

Anything you say in resistance … .means you are what you really are. So if you even belief that the matrix exists – you’ll constantly struggle to unplug from it. Instead you could choose to believe that you have access to unlimited ways of being and living. That you are unlimited in your choices.

“I can never want anything… because it means I’ve acknowledge that thing outside of myself… we already are everything… and have all within us. There’s no need to want.”

When you realise that we are ONE SOURCE you never need to unplug OR want anything. Everything comes to you because it is you.

WE ARE ONE. Sure we have the illusion of a physical body – of different coloured skin – but deep inside we have a soul essence that is from the one source. Our bodies are made of a vibrational essence that the source created.

In summary, when you feel you need to unplug from the matrix or get angry with what life brought you, judge yourself for past behaviours, feel ashamed for your mistakes, feel frustrated that the day isn’t going right, hate the neighbour next door, judge other people harshly, etc…..

…. realise that your feelings and emotions are the result of what you think and believe.  You have the choice at any time to change your life.

Know you always have a CHOICE about what you think and feel in each moment. Some thoughts carry a heavy suppressive feeling, while other thoughts are uplifting and energising.

Google for success stories of different cultures, races and skin colour and witness how they stepped up to make their own life better. They generate motivation from INSIDE – from the God Source inside of them. They didn’t wait for someone else to take their hand, to change their life, to tell them of better choices – successful people step up and make a dedicated choice to …

change ANYTHING in their life that is stopping them from living a life they love – including their CORE BELIEFS! 

Make the choice today.

Follow your dreams.

Generate JOY and HAPPINESS every day by your thoughts and actions.

Realise that nothing – not even the MATRIX of societal constructs – will/can limit your beingness!

There’s no need to unplug from the matrix – because you ARE the MATRIX!  We are one with everything. We are the source.

Create your life as you desire. 🙂

(There’s definitely more to this topic… reflection is rewarding)

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