My German friend suggested I visit Sri Ramanashramam in Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu.IMG 20220405 073513
She stated she enjoyed it because of the incredible energy present. I came in Tiru from Varkala, Kerala, where I had stayed in a wonderfully calm, serene place just a short walk from the beach.

Tiru is a busier town than Varkala, therefore it took me a day to adjust. As covid limitations were still being lifted, the ashram was not yet open for visitors to stay.

The energies in the ashram were remarkable. It was simple and natural to enter a trance state during meditation. I could see why there were so many spiritual seekers in this place. It was a great setting with a pleasant ambiance. Everyone was really nice and eager to answer my newcomer queries.

IMG 20220405 140654There are many people at Ramana Maharishi’s ashram, each pursuing their own spiritual path while respecting the paths of others. There were also beautiful peacocks in the well-maintained yard.

I met a foreigner from the United Kingdom who had visited the ashram in 1996, returned in 1999, and has been living here ever since. She was my age, so her tale was incredibly encouraging to me. It made me believe that I, too, could choose this ashram and this city as my spiritual development location. There were a few other people I spoke with who had a similar story. When people are “called to” this place, they stay and deep their spiritual journey.

Here we can also hike up the mountain to the cave where Ramana Maharishi’s mother attained Samadhi, as well as the other cave where Guru frequently sat and meditated. The caves have a heightened sensation of great power, but they are not the same as the Vashista cave I saw near Rishikesh, India.

I walked up the mountain twice in a row, one after the other. The first day, I believed I could sit in the cave for months, feeling the incredible huge strong energy. The next day, I went to the second cave, which is little lower than the first, and I didn’t feel as powerful there. IMG 20220407 075433 2

My whole feeling in this sacred area is extremely similar to what I felt when I visited sacred land in Australia. It’s just that in India, the land’s holiness is well-known because Yogis and Gurus meditate there. It’s quite fascinating.

The meditation hall is quite amazing energy too.

I was wandering around the meditation hall with the others who circle in silence here when I came to a halt behind the statue of Ramana Maharishi. I stood there in trance for a while, feeling a flow of energy slightly quivering my legs. It was a curious sensation, and I felt drawn to stand in the same position the next day. Sure enough, the energies occurred once more. They did not, however, on the third day.

Overall, Sri Ramanashramam in Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu. is an amazing place of deep spiritual energy and I would highly recommend any spiritual seeker to visit.