The Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory, Australia, are amongst the most famous of the Australian rocks. Absolutely stunning when you first arrive. They have this jaw dropping effect. WOW!

And then when you see them again at sunrise they have another way of fascinating you all over again.

Some boulders are nearly completely round in shape which makes the mind wonder how they were created – how did they form.

devils marbles9

Karlu Karlu is the Aboriginal name for this sacred site and I encourage you to visit this website for more information on the ancient Indigenous story of this land.

But I’m not Aboriginal. I’m a tourist. And so all I can talk about is from my own perspective.

The land is beautiful to look at.

The land has a deep energy vibe that made me feel safe and alive.

I felt as though I was being watched by the spirit beings of this land.

Campers arrive from all directions to share in this space for a night or a few. No Aboriginals were seen here. It is a sacred site to them. Which makes me wonder why it is open for tourists. Perhaps because it’s spectacular. Or perhaps because the spirits of the land have agreed to let the whitefellas come and be healed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sacred space and am very grateful to be allowed to be here. I would have LOVED to have an Aboriginal guide and listen to the ancient stories around a campfire. 🙂