Someone at the festival said to me, “Spirit tells me if it’s okay to use clapsticks on sacred tribal land.” Fair coloured skinned hippies were using clapsticks too.

I was told that clapsticks have special magical power and are used only during ceremonies. Every mob and area has different reasons for using clapsticks, but I can tell you that I’ve never seen one Indigenous man or woman randomly playing clapsticks in the street.

It seems they have a deeper meaning then most folks know.

During the whole weekend, with all them mob at the festival – all those different Indigenous tribes from different areas – not ONE person was using clapsticks outside of the the dances. They were only using them during their performances.

Once I noticed that, I decided to ask an Elder.

Although asking your Spirit Guides for advice may work in some situations, I have found that many times people have difficulty discerning whether it is indeed their Spirit Guides or someone/something else speaking to them. Even I hear different advice and ideas popping into my mind and before responding to it I need to sit with it for awhile to identify where it’s coming from.

Did you know that some people (physical or non-physical) have the power to plant an idea in your mind? And you wouldn’t know it happened. But would find yourself thinking in their favour.

That’s why I always ask an Elder. 🙂