A couple of years ago I dedicated my being-ness to foster and support humanity through the maintenance of the ‘Sui Generis Suveran Sentient Rights’ of humankind under the New Humanity Collaborative Communities. Inspired by the Spiritual Master and Avatar, Meher Baba.
This journey first began when I was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1998. An INNER oath I took at that time was to continue my spiritual development.
After many years of delving deeper into spirituality it’s time now to move to another level – one that requires the full surrender and dedication of my life’s activities to supporting humanity, the socially and environmentally sustainable self sufficiency for humankind, the spiritual advancement, learning and regeneration of humankind, the advancement of true healing for humankind, and all life on mother Earth, including the advancement of science and the arts, and any other purposes supporting the global New Humanity Collaborative Communities. I choose as I Will.
What’s required on this spiritual path?
1. To continue the development of self love and expansion of self under the guise of Personal Development and Spiritual Training.
2. To empower others, of all cultures and ethnicities, to realise divinity, life a life they love.
3. To work alongside those in need to continue, develop or expand their projects, businesses, organisations and dreams with the purpose of living with joy, ease and glory.
4. To be dedicated to the Divine Sovereign Being in Love and Joy.
What is not required:
1. Wearing of a nun’s robe,
2. Bowing to statues,
3. Surrendering of one’s will,
4. Shaving of one’s head,
5. Abstinence,
6. Judgement or ridicule,
7. Duality.
It takes much courage to announce such a devout path to the world. I’m sure you’re aware that spirituality and/or religion attracts politics, angst and separation. Hence, for many years I’ve been proudly encouraging the activation of positivity and personal development as acceptable forms in social norms – ones that do not discriminate between cultures and ethnicities.
Note: The spiritual path I choose does not involve a religion or separateness – it is based in Spirituality.
We are One.