All throughout India there are places of Samadhi that resonate at a higher energy frequency. I’ve been to only a few of these miraculous places and definitely note the benefits of meditating there.

The benefits are mostly to familiarise oneself with the feeling of a higher energy resonance. Our spiritual bodies can be aligned to a higher frequency using one’s imagination, but only when one knows what that feels like. In these places of Samadhi you can learn and understand how Samadhi feels in the body, mind and soul.

It’s incredible!

There are four such places that I visited. 1. Vasishta Cave, 2. Kriya Yoga hall, 3. Auroville Matrimandir. Of course, the Mother Ganga in Rishikesh herself holds quite a powerful higher energy. She feels like the source for the entire planet actually.

I’ll briefly describe my experiences with each one.vasishta cave sign samadha

Vasishta Cave: This is one powerful spot! The second time I went there I hired a private driver so I could spend a couple of hours in the cave meditating. It was definitely worth it.

The cave is about 40 minutes drive from Rishikesh town and many sages over the centuries have gone there to meditate.

It is next to the Mother Ganges, which is a high energy river that many locals and tourists revere for good reason.

I paid a private charter to take me to the CAVE for my second visit so I could sit for a couple of hours in this Sacred Cave. (Note: the pic is not the cave, but next to it)

Kriya Yoga Meditation Hall in the town of Rishikesh is an amazing circular hall that has a deep peaceful vibe.

img_20190826_1126423393002254293576215.jpgMy first introduction to the meditation hall was when a friend took me there. We walked in silently, in proper dress code for an ashram, and through the thick curtain into complete darkness. I don’t know how my friend could see anything, but he guided me to a cushion. After about 10 minutes of sitting in silence and darkness my eyes could see the room.

I returned once or twice a week after that. I always felt others in the unseen dimensions meditating in the hall. One time I heard feet shuffling on the carpet, but no one was in the room.

Auroville Matrimandir is in Auroville, South India near Pondicherry. You need to go on a tour with other people to meditate for the first time in that very large dome. There’s information on Google about this place as it’s quite famous. When we were sitting in the dome I heard a loud pitched sound inside my head. My ears didn’t hear – it was just inside my head. After we were finished I asked my friend if she heard it. She didn’t. I expect it was my pineal gland. I felt very heightened sitting there.

Meditating in these samadhi spots has been an absolute eye opener! I’ve felt this way in a few spots along my travels, but it was a relief to have it as common knowledge amongst the people. In fact, some of my friends and teachers in India every year travel to their favorite Samadhi spots for meditation.

I have plans to go to Pune and visit Shri Sai Baba’s place of Samadhi. Keeping my fingers crossed that will happen this year!