DREAMTIME stories are fascinating! (Type “quinkin” into Google or YouTube and see what you find!)Laura rock art

I’m currrently in Quinkin territory – which is something I never heard of until I got here.

At the local Quinkin Cultural Centre they’ll tell you where you can see the prehistoric rock paintings that are 15,000 to 30,000 years old.

The caves I went to are tourist destinations and so we are given permission to view them.

They display the many animals AND you’ll even see images of the Quinkin! Watch the video below for the Dreamtime story  of the Quinkin.

Laura rock art2This is our country. The place of our ancestors. The spirits of the ancestors live here. In the rocks, those sandstone escarpments. Our ancestors made the art you see on the rocks….The pictures and paintings of the past are our link with the present” (George and Musgrave 1995).

Quinkan Country is located near the small town of Laura in the south-east region of Cape York Peninsula in North Queensland.

The Laura Festival happens once every two years and is definitely a sight to see!

Here is a video of the Quinkin Dreamtime story.