Returning to personal development and spiritual development is the only way to raise your energetic vibrations.

I’ve seen only a smidgen of an ancient original culture (Aboriginal Australia) and I’m in love with it! It intrigues and fascinates me!

And hence, it’s frustrating when I see people caught up in the addiction of white man’s world.

Now, when I say white man’s world what I’m really referring to is the societal mindset that is based in: Religion, Science, Sex and Money. It’s easy to get addicted to everything in this seemingly normal society where owning things, striving for more money and more things.

Where absorbing oneself in the need for more is considered the ONLY REASON FOR LIVING. Your whole life you try to be better than others by getting more money, more things and a higher status. It’s in the mindset as being NORMAL.

And, of course, if you’re not NORMAL you don’t fit in and are judged and criticised and so you feel worthless as a human being. Societal norms pressure you into feeling useless and less than others.

Different cultures and sub-cultures feel this pressure constantly and it’s a struggle in life just to feel happiness and satisfaction. This constant pressure takes you away from the deep and meaningful aspects of life. Your CULTURE.

When you’re stripped of the ancient power of your culture you feel a deep hurt that rips apart your soul. This pain is so deep it confuses the body, mind and soul connection.

It’s no surprise some people turn to white man’s poison and addictions (alcohol and drugs) to suppress this pain. Yet, this addiction cuts of all ties to culture and the dreaming. The invasion – which was meant to destroy an original culture – continues to win.

[NOTE IN 2021: I’ve recently become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (and soon Body Code too) whereby this healing modalities released trapped/stuck emotions from the energetic vibrations of a person including Emotional Inheritance. If you’re feeling stuck to negative patterns from your ancestral lineage, no matter what culture or country you come from, this HEALING MODALITY releases those toxic stuck emotions, so you can get UNSTUCK]

Deep inside CULTURE is a power that satisfies you entirely and completely. It’s a place where you feel whole. [Another note from 2021: I saw this wholeheartedly when I was in India where Hindus are very dedicated to their culture and practices. Amazing energy there!]

Personally, CULTURE is the only place in which I feel a deep inner peace that I’ve never, never felt before in white man’s world. I mean really deep and whole. Nothing, not even meditation, chi gong, martial arts, mindfulness, personal development, life coaching or even chocolate – has offered me such a deep inner peace as much as CULTURE has.

I can’t fathom why anyone – why any person – would walk away from this original culture to get involved in the addiction of white man’s world.

Indigenous Australia. Aboriginal Australia. Is the original deep healing culture that goes back more than 80,000 years. Culture is deadly. (And for those who don’t know yet – deadly means awesome).

P.S. I do not drink alcohol, not at all. But have found, since travelling the world, that Australians have a heavy drinking culture.