Reiki is a powerful practice of self realisation that was introduced to the Western world by a student of a Japanese teacher, Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui studied martial arts and esoteric practices for many years and then developed a practice he called “Method for Personal Perfection”.

When Reiki came to the Western world it came through a medical doctor and only focused on the healing benefits for the physical body.

The complete practice of the Reiki Method includes Kotodama (sound), energy exercises and mantras of positivity to keep the mind focused on higher energies.

In my Reiki Fusion Healing Sessions I use the Kotodama along with ancient sound healing practices from Nepal and the power of crystals.

I tune into the Cosmic Consciousness using the Reiki Method and work with this power to shift stagnant energies in all bodies: physical, mental and spiritual.

In the session you feel deep relaxation and a sense of peace, contentment and joy. It’s pure bliss!

If you would like to experience a REIKI FUSION session you can contact me on INSTAGRAM @HealingthePlanetfromWithin

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