If you’re passionate about personal development you might have seen my book, The Ultimate Personal Development Workbook on Amazon.  This workbook is the best resource for Life Coaches with female clients. Yah, the pink cover! This is because most of my clientele are women, so it just made sense at the time.

It’s not a complicated book. In fact, it was written to be easy for people to use. You see, sometimes the idea of diving into personal development techniques is seemingly quite daunting for some people. This happens especially if people are stuck in sabotaging patterns. So, the book is not complex or complicated.

I love personal development and throughout the past 20+ years I’ve been actively involved in different techniques of personal development and self-improvement through a variety of ways and from different cultures!

This book, and my other WORKBOOK: Healing the Planet from Within: An Exciting Personal Development Workbook to Improve Your Life, were written while I was studying a Counselling and Psychology Degree at University. I was so inspired by the Counselling and Psychology Theories that I started researching them in detail. In fact, it was when I taught myself how to build websites too. I actually made a website with over 200 pages on Stress and its Affects. I was gobsmacked with all the scientific research I just kept writing! I ended up selling that website, but then created these PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKBOOKS.

Whenever I pick up this book and thumb through it I’m inspired with the resources in it! I mean if I had these free personal development worksheets at my fingers tips years ago my life would be way different than it is today! Instead of struggling I would have been cruising through life.

So, if you’re passionate about personal development I can definitely recommend getting a copy of this book. It is by no means complicated or in-depth or ridiculously wordy. It’s simple and easy-to-use.

I hope you’ll love it! (And if you do, please do leave the book a wordy review on Amazon stating that fact.)