You only become what you think if you engage with your thoughts as truth. What does this actually mean?

Thoughts are not truth. They are not factual, except if you believe them to be. For example, you might tell me it’s a sunny day but I’m looking at stormy rain clouds. Amy might think road rage is a necessary part of her morning travel to work, while Bob is doing mudras on his commute. Everyone has a different thought process and core beliefs that affect their perception and how they see and experience the world.

Thought Awareness

Your thoughts beliefs, attitudes and habits are not truth. Nor are they stuck. They just are. Until you change them.thinking about thoughts healing the planet from within blog

Thoughts float into your mind from the outside world. For instance, the other day I caught a thought floating through my mind that reminded me of a hurt I experienced a couple of years ago. It was quite natural because I was in the place where it happened.  If I wasn’t aware of my thoughts I would have been drawn into the hurt and started ruminating, judging, regretting, etc. THAT’S NOT MY REALITY any more. I’ve chosen to live my life with a higher positivity ratio. And so, I caught the thought and STOPPED IT then quickly analysed it to see if it was necessary I heal more from this issue. And then let the thought go. In place of the hurtful thoughts I chose to think positive and enjoy the present moment.

Hence, do not believe everything you think.

Thoughts Are Not Yours

Thought, by itself, is incapable of realising truth. Thoughts are not facts. Thoughts are not knowledge.

They are conditions of the limitations of societal constructs. We are programmed by societal constructs to believe and think a certain way. Whatever you think is the creation of the web of concepts and theories which have been devised by civilisation and the social order. It is therefore important to explore the impact of your thoughts and mind on the quality of your life so you can make a conscious choice to create a balance between body, mind and soul.

Thoughts do not make you who you are unless you choose to resonate with them.

The Group Mind

For instance, have you ever been involved with a group of people, whether it is at work or a social event, in which a strong negative opinion reverberated throughout the group mind? At first you might go along with the flow of the energy, but when you get home you realise that it was not your true opinion or belief. A friend of mine gave me an example of this. She was at a course with 7 other people and there were skittles and chocolate there. These are not part of her every day diet, but because she got caught up in the games – that involved the sugary treats – she ate them. Later on, when she was speaking to me, she acknowledged that she went with the group mentality at the time. Group thoughts can affect you in many ways – this is just a small example.

Why, then, did she go along with it? She simply picked it up in the group mind.

However, everyone has the ability to become aware of thoughts and notice the way in which they affect your actions, emotions, and relationships with other people and your life as a whole.

Automatic thinking and doing creates an empty, robotic feeling. Mindlessly reacting to other people’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions without being aware of the possible consequences can have detrimental effects. For example, if George goes out with his friends and follows their irresponsible and immature behaviour, he might regret the consequences. Instead of following the value systems of his friends, he should follow his own.

Choosing Your Thoughts Wisely

You can choose thoughts that make you feel good. It’s easy to do. The first step I’m always encouraging my clients to do is to start a thought journal. This is a special book where you write down your thoughts for 5-15 minutes each day. Over the course of a few weeks you start to see regular thought patterns.

This process not only makes you aware of your habitual thought patterns, but also makes you more aware of your thoughts in the present moment.

Once you are aware of the habitual thought patterns moving through your mind you can consciously choose to think positive thoughts that give you a good feeling.

After all, most people want to feel happiness and satisfaction in life, right? Well, this is how you do it. 🙂

Personal Development Online Coaching

Some of my clients are feeling stuck with their thoughts. They just can’t seem to see them clearly, so they need my help. Why is this? Well, it’s like learning a new skill. Do you remember when you first road a bike or drove a car? It wasn’t all that easy the first time, was it?

So, in my online coaching sessions I help clients to see their thought patterns. We do a variety of exercises and techniques so that they start to build up their personal development toolbox and can then guide themselves. If you’re interested in speaking with me about this you can send me a private message on INSTAGRAM @HealingthePlanetfromWithin.

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