The Emotion Code Chart is a powerful tool that helps us to identify trapped emotions. In Emotion Code training, we are taught to use muscle testing (also referred to as applied kinesiology) to help identify the trapped emotions within the body. We use the Emotion Code chart to help us identify the trapped emotions. During muscle testing, the practitioner applies a gentle pressure to the arm or hand while the person being tested responds verbally or physically.

However, many practitioners are using Emotion Code online and this style of muscle testing cannot be used because it requires physical contact with the client. Instead, practitioners rely on”distance testing”, and are meant to tune into a client’s energy for the answer. Unfortunately, this requires an advanced level of empathic ability, which most Emotion Code practitioners haven’t developed yet.

What are the benefits of working with an Advanced Empath Emotion Code practitioner?

An advanced Empath is someone who has the ability to scan the energetic matrix of a person to find the trapped emotions and other negative energies, without using muscle testing. This person is able to sense what other people are feeling and through this can discern their habitual negative thought patterns. Advanced empaths are often used for counseling and healing purposes, as they can help guide people to resolving their emotional issues.

Beyond the Emotion Code Chart

As an advanced empath, I’ve created my own effective techniques for utilising the Emotion Code chart, and I’ve also created other charts that identify different types of trapped energy in my clients’ sessions.

Through years of energy healing, I’ve learned that it’s not only the emotions that need to be released; we also need to identify the source or origins of the problem. Because I can scan a person’s energetic matrix, I can SEE that there is a source there that perpetually recreates negative emotions. This is one of the reasons why Emotion Code does not work for some individuals.

As a highly developed empath, I can tune into energies to help identify any underlying patterns or issues that may be causing the emotion or energy blockage.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Own Emotional Patterns & Energy Statesemotion code chart download healing the planet from within

Knowing your own emotional patterns and energy states can be an invaluable tool in managing your mental health. By understanding the fluctuations of your emotions and energy levels, you can gain insight into what triggers them, how to regulate them, and how to use them to create positive outcomes; Healing the Planet from Within. Additionally, knowledge of your own emotional patterns and energy states can help you develop better relationships with others by understanding their feelings more deeply. With this knowledge, you will have a better chance of creating meaningful connections with those around you. To begin with you can download this Emotion Code chart by right-clicking the image and “save as”.

Using the Emotion Code Chart as a Tool for Self-Reflection & Growth

When I first started using Emotion Code the original chart didn’t seem enough, and so I made an emotion chart of my own. We can use the chart as an incredibly powerful tool for self-reflection and growth. Next, it’s worthwhile to dive into free personal development worksheets and deepen our personal development journey.

Unlocking Your Personal Power with the Help of an Advanced Energy Healing Session and Emotion Code

Unlocking your personal power and achieving your goals can be an intimidating process. With the help of advanced energy healing sessions and the Emotion Code, you can take control of your life and start living with greater purpose. In these online sessions, we can identify and release emotional blocks that are preventing you from achieving success. By releasing these blocks, you will be able to tap into your own personal power and create a better future for yourself.

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